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  1. Neolithent

    Jagex Cup Predictions

    2mighty2you vs Team Aussie - 2m Oblivion vs Legends of Solace - Oblivion Shining Paladins vs Holy Smiters - Shining Paladins (h) THE vs Runescape Dinasty - RSD: If we pull 85-90 people we will be able to take anyone in all styles (It is in CWA (CAP OF 100)) WG vs Dark Knights United - WG Kill Orgy vs Clan Jaguar - Kill Orgy Knights of Order vs Damage Inc - Knights of Order Dark Slayers vs Crimson Raiders - Crimson Raiders Lithuanian Forces vs Domination - LF Triforce vs Heart of Warrior - Triforce Runescape Elites vs The Dark Savages - Runescape ELites Kirstunalus vs Call of Legends - COL 3xtermination vs Syndicate - 3x Titans vs Corruption - Corruption Capone Family vs RsHun Knights - RHK Darkness Awaits vs Red Dragon Knights - RDK Chivalry Legions vs Solar Angels - CL Source of Pirates vs Barbarian Assault Addicts - Source of Pirates, no doubt. Dynasty of Virtue vs The White Legions - TWL Virtue vs Phoenix Elites - Phoenix Elites! Source of Wildy vs Legends and Legacies - LaL (y)
  2. I couldn't be there because I was dragged to a party. RSD performed amazingly Great Job
  3. Neolithent

    Exodus Vs Syndicate

    Good Job Exodus, I think Syndicate is about to like fall off the map with like 10 straight losses
  4. It is borderline pathetic on how people think dying 70+ times is dedication. It isn't dedicated, it is crazy. I would say that if I was 3lite I would just quit as he dies 80ish times in every fight and he will go broke soon! Good Job EH, you had it since the start.
  5. Neolithent

    Activity Check

    I think I have 50 posts, I lost my password for a while lol RuneScape Name: Neolithent RuneScape Clan: Runescape Dinasty
  6. Neolithent

    Cr Vs Wg

    Grats CR
  7. Neolithent

    The Gladiatorz Vs Rhk

    Congrats Gladz!
  8. As posted by F1r3o on RSC. I lost my set of guthix seen in the top picture if anyone is wondering. 8 kills 5 deaths.
  9. Neolithent

    [found My Clan]

    Runescape Dinasty has the most professional forums a clan can possibly have.
  10. Neolithent

    Corruption Vs Runescape Dynasty

    Yeah was a really bad turnout lol. I didn't get there till 30 minutes left. I guess that happens when you have a 1 day prep in the holidays >.<
  11. Runescape Dinasty vs The Rising Godsmoke set up a PK for 1 PM Eastern today, and we set out with about 50 opts. We hit a bunch of small clans until we heard The Rising would be out at around 2:30 pm. We set out pking everywhere until quarter after two where we went to remass for TR. We set out for TR with 90 options hearing that they had about 120+ so we knew we were going to be challenged. At the start we koed their leaders and everyone in the clan, where it was about even numbers. Eventually TR recovered and RSD had sub-par organization for about 10 minutes until we pulled it back and started smashing their regroups. NI tried to crash but we stopped to clear them and then continued the fight. EoS and VR made an appearance to Anti-Crash. Thanks very much to them. The fight was about ~1 hour 30 minutes. Starting: 90 Opts [RSD] 120 Opts [The Rising] Ending: Some Pictures:
  12. Neolithent

    Runescape Dinasty Vs Blacknights

    Why would you expect us to pull more when they have the bigger ML >.<. The first one was members only, which we have 86 and they have 92. The second one was members + fa's/retireds and we pulled 48 and they pulled 40 then one disconnected so we dropped to 39.
  13. Runescape Dinasty vs Blacknights On Monday 22nd December; PK Pena of Blacknights approached Jasper375 asking for a full out war. After some discussion and memberlist comparison Jasper375 gladly accepted. Unfortunately we could not allow Future Applicants as Blacknights do not have them, so the fight was arranged to be no FA's, Melee/Binds only. We both knew it would be a close war as our memberlists were very close, RSD with 86 members and Blacknights with 92. We started off strong and kept going, koing everyone that we piled. Starting Options [Full out]: Ending Options [Full Out]: For the matched options fight we dusted off our Runecrafting and Druidic robes and got out our bows and arrows and runes. Our blast unit of around 12 people was too much for them to handle and we ended up defeating them only losing a few people. Starting Options: 39 People Ending Options: Some Pictures: Good fight BK, thanks for the challenge >.<
  14. Neolithent

    Runescape Dinasty Versus Shadow Elves

    Making the video now.
  15. Neolithent

    Rsd Vs Di

    As posted on Rsd Forums : http://www.legendofrsd.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=34350 I approached Winzent and Ghjjf for a matched options fight for this Tuesday to start at 4:00 Pm Est. The rules were as stated: Matched Opts Melee/Bind only Middle Boundaries Fixed Team Capes TM's Allowed Team to cut players attacks Starting: We cut down to match their options. I want to say, that this turnout, for a Tuesday at 4:00 Pm Est, i am EXTREMELY please with this turnout, and a great turnout by Di too, for only a 2 day preparation. Congrats to both clans on the fight. I personally was the first piled, and tanked until it was 51 Rsd vs 47 Di. Thanks Rsd Ending: Thanks Di :) By: Pure Pker50

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