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  1. First of all just wanted to say ive been a long long long time followers of sal's. But i was just curious if it was in the plans to complete the old school quest guides and such? the guides here are very much in depth and i would like to see more quests on the quest guide page
  2. Well I...like many others quit once jagex brought on all the stupid updates years ago... and now im back for the great Rs2007 (loving it). Im still low combat but all is great..except im having trouble finding some friends to quest and train with...mainly due to all the damn bots. Im only 25 combat so im hoping to find someone near my level to quest with and train.
  3. Well the title pretty much tells all, im looking for either a guide from around 2007 or a new runescape 2007 guide that will let me know which quests to do for attack exp..and all that. I appreciate any assistance in advance
  4. Im using the official client for 07 scape and im wanting to get max performace and wish to open the ports the runescape is using. So my question is does 07 use different or the same as the regular dumb runescape? or does it use different? I would appreciate any assistance with this, Thank you in advance

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