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  1. I will do a house party at 3:00, and maybe I could also host a KQ mass at 4:00?
  2. Jyreeil

    I should've known better

    So I wrote a song in my anguish of not getting any pneumatic gloves. Also, it's about my not getting any onyx from 3 gem finding scrimshaws.
  3. Jyreeil

    Canting event!

    yes you are correct, but we have actually moved the event back to 2 hours later so 6pm bst or 7pm gmt or 12pm cst or 1pm est.
  4. Jyreeil

    I miss Runescape.

    Yeah, I hope runescape never dies. I guess Jagex really needed the boost from sof and sgs, cause not as many ppl play anymore. I hope they think of something else that could revive their game. I think they did the right thing updating the graphics of the game, because how can an old looking game compete with all these newer better looking games. I know some people play just for the fun that it creates with its skills and things, but you can't deny the power of the good graphics of games like WoW that really make you feel like you're in the game. I think when something first starts out it has the potential to gather a lot of people like a clan or a game in general, but once the amount of people has peaked it is really hard to gather any more.
  5. Jyreeil

    How Many RuneScape Accounts Do You Have?

    ^this^ I also did this about three times because I didn't know how to get my stuff back. So, I guess there's probably two accounts out there(or maybe deleted) that have barely any stats. Anyways not counting those, I have one account that's decent stats, and has 10m on it. And, the reason for this is because I made it when I thought my main was going to be permanently muted. The reason for the mute was I was asking for e-mails so I could send requests to get extra cash in another game. Luckily I was able to reappeal later when they gave everyone a second chance, and I got my main unmuted. So, i also have a third account which was going to be a pure, but I made it kind of wrong, and eoc broke it as well. So yeah, 3 accounts that have been members.
  6. Jyreeil


    Just quit being cheap and get a rune crossbow and mith or better bolts. Unfortunately you can't fire high level gem tipped bolts with a rune crossbow so you'll just have to settle for the regular ones.
  7. Jyreeil

    07 vs eoc, tired, and chaos dwarf battlefield

    Actually now I've found out that subjugation robes are better, because I think either they have the same % damage bonus of 10% or void only has 5%, and subjugation has an extra damage bonus added on as well.
  8. Jyreeil

    New vids are up!

    So I made some more new vids finally! So I guess I had a little bit more than five, cause I did a couple earlier in the month about the chaos dwarf battlefield and my getting void. I'll post links here: So then ever since I got void I've been doing automatons on and off. I started with the Guardians and then moved on to the tracers, because the gloves they drop are more valuable. So, basically all that time I spent getting void(a whole day pretty much) was kind of wasted, because I barely ever fight the guardians anymore, and probably when I do again I'll have gotten pneumatic gloves, and sold them and bought robes of subjugation. So yeah, here are the links to my guides of all the Automatons: Ok so what else have I been doing in Runescape? I basically rebuilt my house, and so that means I need two more head trophies for my two skill halls. I pretty much decided that one of them was going to be the kalphite queen head, and I'm thinking the other one might be an abyssal demon head. That also means I need two more fish trophies, but I think if I just go ahead and make a ton of juju fishing potions again, then I will probably at least get a big shark again. Anyways, without further ado, my kalphite queen guide: Ok so one last thing before I go. I made another superior gem finding scrimshaw with poor results, as per usual. The results of the scrimshaw can be found here: And with that, I bid you adeu. Good night(*ahem*morning*) and big balls... oh wait, that's the Wipeout signoff. I guess I'll just say, that's all for today.
  9. Jyreeil

    Stealing creation event

    I hope it's not against the rules to link to my blog, but here is a link to the details of the event in my blog. Canting clan event
  10. Jyreeil

    Canting event!

    In about 5 1/2 hours there will be a canting clan stealing creation event, so anyone who sees this should come on over if you are able to. It will be Saturday at 4 pm bst or 11am est. It will be in world 27, so be there or be square.:)
  11. Jyreeil

    07 vs eoc, tired, and chaos dwarf battlefield

    ahrims is only defensive, so basically I was paying for repairs on something that wasn't helping me a bit. When I checked the stats of ahrims staff I thought it was better than polypore from the last time I checked the stats of that, but just today I checked the stats of ahrim sol and polypore, and sol and polypore are both the same but above ahrims. So basically I've come to the conclusion that void would be the best bet, and even though I could technically afford subjugation, I've also come to the conclusion that I would rather spend several hours getting void, which would actually be better anyways, than spend all my hard earned cash on one armor set.
  12. Jyreeil

    Player Owned Ports

    I think if you're still only in the bowl region, if I were you I would at least use one when you get up to 3 of them, because it might take a while before you get to the trio missions. I reached the pincers and unlocked a 4th ship months ago and still haven't gotten any trio voyages. I guess I'll save any fortunes of the sea I get from now on for those. I have a thing made that increases random events so that'll be good. Also, I was just thinking that if you have a jade merchant in every ship that would decrease the percentages probably, and you might actually end up getting less resources because of failed voyages. Personally, I only have one jade merchant, just because I needed the other slots for 5 of each stat guy, and 3 ox heads, and 2 judge of dices. I figure that since the solidarity doesn't stack when you have more than one judge of dice, it would be better to have an extra ox head than judge of dice, and also I don't normally do more than 2 mixed voyages at a time, so I won't ever need more than 2 judges of dice. As of now I have 2 jade golems and 2 sea witches, but I'm thinking of getting rid of both jade golems and the sea witch that doesn't have +1% seafaring(ikr lucky huh, that I got that trait on a crew member). Anyways I've rambled on long enough and i g2g now.
  13. Ok, so I'm really torn between the 07 servers and eoc. I feel like I've kind of hit a wall in 07 and it's not really very fun anymore. There's a reason it took me over 8 years to get 83+ all skills in the main game, and that is the grind. I really don't feel like spending another 8 years to level up my 07 account so I guess I'm going to let it be for a bit, and maybe go back to it to make vids about quests maybe. The next thing I wanted to talk about is that I'm uber tired, because I stayed up all night last night. And, all I have in my stomach is coffee juice and yogurt. To be fair, the juice is v-8 fusion, so it's somewhat healthy. So anyways, I was up making a vid about the chaos dwarf battlefield, and then fighting automatons only to find out that my ahrim's really wasn't helping me as much as I thought it was. I also found out that polypore and sol are better than ahrims staff. So then just before I was editing my vid I was doing pest control, because the guy that let me know about the ahrims thing was using void and doing really well with it. I also did a little research and found out that robes of subjugation are the only non degradable mage robes that actually increase damage, and not by much, so void is really the best if you're not going to be damaged much. Anyways, I made and uploaded a vid about the chaos dwarf battlefield. I got 3 d picks in a week, and it's really easy, and the only reason I lasted so long was because of momentum and afking.
  14. Lol, every time I come back to this it's so old. Anyways, the newest blog entry is up, and right now im wcing on my multi in eoc, and I think I'll go gold mining in my main on the 07 servers.

    1. Tabt


      I need to unlock that goldmine in Keldagrim!

    2. Jyreeil


      oh yeeeeeaaah, I remember doing that a long time ago. I only mine gold on the horseshoe mine in karamja now. With a house in brimhaven it's easy to get there and to a bank.


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