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  1. Latest design here, a fictional concert poster. Let me know! Keri Hilson Concert Poster (DeviantART) Keri Hilson Concert Poster (Behance) (And yeah I'm aware the reflection of her high heels aren't aligned)
  2. Kaze

    4 New Designs

    Thought I'd post some of my latest work here for some critique, faves and comments. Punchline Magazine Cover Modern Audio Magazine Cover Urban Groundz Club Poster Kylie Minogue Poster
  3. Kaze

    Some Of My Best Stuff

    The 5th one is really nice and clean.
  4. I use Avira and have been just about virus free since I got it (around 2 years ago?). I had AVG but it slowed down my computer a bit and a couple of viruses slipped past it. But all 3 of them are great.
  5. Kaze

    Favorite Songs At The Moment

    Raekwon (feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, GZA and Method Man) - House of Flying Daggers Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
  6. http://richiiee.deviantart.com/art/Dribble...Cover-134995771 Feedback appreciated!
  7. Kaze

    Lbj Magazine Cover

    C&C appreciated, preferably as a comment on DA. http://richiiee.deviantart.com/art/Orange-...Cover-134569783
  8. Kaze

    Concert Flyer

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Kaze

    Concert Flyer

    Thanks for the critique.
  10. Kaze

    Concert Flyer

    Fake concert poster design, C&C please: http://richiiee.deviantart.com/art/Kid-Cud...oster-134395394
  11. Kaze

    Gears Of War

    Good job. Kept it nice and clean.
  12. Kaze

    A K U M A

    A bit oversharpened and the doubling of the text isn't doing it for me.
  13. Kaze

    You Can't Stop My Go

    Grey background...?
  14. Kaze

    How Easy Is Photoshop?

    You don't need to be able to draw at all to use Photoshop. It's all about practice and knowing what looks good and what doesn't basically. As for the program itself, you will definitely need to start out by going along with some tutorials because it can be pretty complex at first. BUT it's not as hard as it looks, it just takes time and diligence.
  15. This was intended for just my desktop and I like my desktop basic and clean so please don't critique the fact that there isn't much going on, that's how it was intended to be. (Anybody can use this wall btw). http://richiiee.deviantart.com/art/You-Can...My-GO-130087062

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