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  1. BioHazard

    [rtf] Skull Kid

    Yeah, the fact that your image shouldn't take up more than 1/3 of the piece, and 2/3 should be for background consisting of at least two different things. That rule of thirds? The rule of thirds says that, if you divide your tag into 9 sections by dividing it into thirds vertically and horizontally, you should put your focal points at the intersections of the lines. Basically, interesting parts of your signature should roughly be placed around the intersections: Yeah, it doesn't ALWAYS work, but it's a good thing to remember when placing stuff :D Ah, I was sorta close. Thanks fro explaining that a little bit better, I appreciate it. Also, here's my newest one:
  2. BioHazard

    Sotm #1 --> January Edition

    Pfft, well I'll have one up sometime soon. Not putting my Skull Kid one in, I've got something in the works. EDIT: Here we are. Brand New Signature for Brand New SotM: [IMG=http://i743.photobucket.com/albums/xx79/jwazzle94/LinkSOTM.png]
  3. BioHazard

    Gibson Les Paul Signature 2.0

    Yeah, the body of the guitar looks choppy in some places, so it kind of screw up the flow. Try and create some foreground effects on the edges of it so that it looks more incorporated into the signature, rather than it being a render with a background. Other than that, pretty sweet signature, i love Les Pauls, they honestly are some of the greatest guitars ever built. I love mine :D
  4. BioHazard

    [rtf] Skull Kid

    Yeah, the fact that your image shouldn't take up more than 1/3 of the piece, and 2/3 should be for background consisting of at least two different things. That rule of thirds?
  5. BioHazard

    [rtf] Skull Kid

    Well, when I try to place the render in the middle, I just can;t seem to work with it, and not all renders look good with any placement. I can try and move away from that placement, but I don't think that they will come out as good.
  6. BioHazard

    [rtf] Skull Kid

    You can go ahead and use it if you'd like. Just PM me, and I'll give you the code. EDIT: Or if you want something similar to it, you can always make a request in my shop.
  7. BioHazard

    [rtf] Skull Kid

    Here's sort of a mesh of tutorials that I've followed's strong point's into one signature: Rate/CC
  8. BioHazard

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

    Man, i killed that Adoring Fan so many times on Dive Rock :D Ah, good times up there.
  9. BioHazard

    Biohazardous Signatures

    You mean like the Green, Yellow, and Pink brushes in the Kanye signature? Those are brushes. I can't remember exactly what they're called, but they have to do with something like "Winter Brush" or something of the sort. Taking out the background is just going around the image with a 1px brush haha. :D EDIT: Here you are Charizard, just took out the clipping mask. :( [IMG=http://i743.photobucket.com/albums/xx79/jwazzle94/ACharizard1.png]
  10. BioHazard

    Biohazardous Signatures

    You'll have to choose a better render, also, something that has been rendered, or doesn;t have so much going on in the background. And please fill out the order form if you want something made. I'll begin on yours when I wake up, because it is 1:45 AM where I'm at, and I'm tired as hell. I'm not so sure about the render though. I'll give it a shot, but it's going to take a while. EDIT: Protoss, your render has to much color blending in the background, so if I do render it, it will be extremely choppy. Can you think of another signature, if you still want one?
  11. BioHazard

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

    Oh my God. Bethesda has outdone themselves, and beaten every expectation everyone had, once again. The fact that their bringing back open cell cities will be nice, and the famring, cooking, blacksmithing skills will be really great, maybe they'll become merchanting-like skills, where you sell your goods to stores and such. The ability to dual wield will also be very nice, be able to shoot a fireball at somebody and cut their face up at the same time... Shweet! I've already pre-ordered, anybody else?
  12. BioHazard

    Biohazardous Signatures

    Tell me if you want anything changed on it: [IMG=http://i743.photobucket.com/albums/xx79/jwazzle94/ACharizard.png] EDIT: I put a border on it real quick, so it may not show up as it having it, but it'll change soon enough.
  13. BioHazard

    Signature Image Pl0x....

    I think he may have meant a code box.

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