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  1. I am currently at lvl 42 def an 40 att training on flesh crawlers getting 82xp per kill. Should I be balancing the 3 skills (str,def,and att) or should I keep doing one at a time? Trying to get rune armor.
  2. Ekkelisa

    I Need money or maple logs!

    I know. Im looking for more of a way to get money. Like what's the best/ fastest way to get money
  3. Hey runescape community. I am currently going for 99 firemaking. As you all know that could get expensive. I have spent all my money on maple logs and I am about to run out soon. I came here to see if there was anyone that could help me out with getting maple logs or money. I really want to keep going with firemaking without having to spend a lot of time on other things. So if there is anyone that could help me out with getting money or logs please add me on runescape. My username is (ekkelisa) Currently lvl 63 firemaking. Been doing it for 2 days. Thanks for your time.

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