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  1. Luvandpower

    Descent vs. Latin Unit

    Awesome fight guys!
  2. Luvandpower

    Suggestions to improve the Sals CD

    EOS is joining the CD so we will need a cleanup crew (mean that in a good way ) they are active posters. Not just CD activity must rise globally on the forums for this to work. We have to keep these folks interested. When they get a link in IRC to go to a topic make them also see another topic they like!
  3. expected win is expected <3
  4. Luvandpower

    Skill Competition 103 - Agility

    sign me up, I may be busy this weekend as well but I might try to get participation at least.
  5. I'm in the junior clan it isn't very active yet but you are always welcome to come to the EOS events they let people know about in Teamspeak. Great community!
  6. Luvandpower

    Skill Competition 102 - Runecraft

    I have to admit...forgot about this weekend competition LOL .. time to no life...
  7. Luvandpower

    Skill Competition 102 - Runecraft

    I heard he had beginner's luck :P
  8. Luvandpower

    Skill Competition 102 - Runecraft

    Voted runecrafting I may try to attend this one somewhat. :) So ye sign me up cuties <3 I was told by somebody in the cc that "Dei wins all of them now there is no competition" we will have to fix that huh?
  9. Luvandpower

    June Newsletter - Yearbook!

    I love the whole yearbook concept
  10. For those who don't know I am playing OSRS again. I have changed my name to Luvandpower also if you didn't notice :p

    1. Jure


      Nice, glad there is more OS activity going on around here.

  11. Ugh I wonder what burnt me out this time

    1. Guitarguy


      My Yo Mama jokes deliver a pretty mean burn, if that gives you any clues.

    2. Bwauder


      too much chilli

  12. Luvandpower

    March Newsletter

    So true about inlaw vs outlaw You forgot a step in the fire breathing also you should dump water on your hand, prefer to wear a glove of some kind , drink and spit lean in and then back
  13. Luvandpower

    Boss practice mode? Waste of dev time.

    I disagree. In the beta you can use whatever trade MY PRECIOUS weapon you can get your hands on. While boss practice is that...you can get creative and learn from your own current setup. It's like nomad original all over again! LIKE A BOSS
  14. Luvandpower

    Tree Farming Guide

    I know I forgot to mention farmers outfit
  15. Luvandpower

    Behind the Scenes - March 2015

    I know a lot of people are hating the boss practice news thus far but I kind of like it. As a person who knows how to pvm but have very specific ways of doing the boss itself it gives me a chance to actually try out my own creative styles.
  16. Luvandpower

    Luvandpower Adventure T3

    Just not a magic/range type of person in mmo's generally. I mean I could had gotten 99 ages ago but meh -Got 91 Divination today. Will probably make a new goal thread in the upcoming days as most of my "current goals" I am actually training are just about done. I think I will be carrying over the construction just the same as Dungeoneering as those are skills I just kind of float with occasionally. Will probably do it after I get 99 farm I am like 300k off so yeah.
  17. Luvandpower

    Luvandpower Adventure T3

    So from my T2 I never completed technically my 110 dg goal and I am still going to be aiming for that! Anyway to the post! As a few of you know my most recent Adventure log for the most part was completed successfully. I have been meaning to create a new log since then and here it is. The basic introduction is copied from the old thread with new goals added. Luvandpower's RS Adventure... Introduction: Hello! My name is LUvandpoweron here. I have played for a very long time and I really should change my hair color to grey or something to show that never thought about that! I have traveled all across RuneScape. I have met new friends globally and some of them have moved on. I guess you could say I am already an "adventurer" or a "veteran" but I will always try out new content. Current adventures I need to do: 79/80 Divination 95/96 Fishing 107/110 Dungeoneering is a project I will call it that... a project I have been working on occasionally here and there. Dominate Dei Wei in a castle wars game xD 95/95 Slayer 99/99 Range 94/94 Magic 93/99 Construction 99/99 Crafting 95/95 Hunter 95/95 Agility 2500/2500 Total 2525/2525 Total 30k/100k livid farm produce 98/99 Farming The livid farm is a small amount cause it's something I am going to try to do a little bit of everyday.
  18. Luvandpower

    Skill Competition 84 - Overall

    Yeah runeclan from what I understand has started to drastically take runetracker members away. Even the clan I am in when we do skilling comps we have started to use runeclan. Great site so far.
  19. Luvandpower

    Pics Of Yourself!

  20. Luvandpower

    Dishonour among Thieves

    Woah there, don't stereotype! I personally write my quest guides from a Lesarkus perspective. PRAISE ZAROS! We must rid the community of this zamorakian scum <3 oh wait um...sorry... sobend
  21. Luvandpower

    Dishonour Among Thieves

    Great work! I really enjoyed the quest myself. I had some confusion problems on the mask but I powered through it ( took about an hour xD ) When I was doing my video editing the total hours came to about 2:30 hours
  22. Luvandpower

    "Skill" competition #85 - PvM Medium

    Probably won't be doing many competitions until i am maxed, best of luck guys
  23. Luvandpower

    Dishono(u)r Among Thieves

    Here is the video I promised had a discussion with Mic and he has said as long as it's a youtube video it should be fine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfEO6QUviV0w
  24. Luvandpower

    Dishono(u)r Among Thieves

    Just completed was a fun quest. I will be uploading a quest guide sometime this week for it as well if you are interested in adding the link or something.
  25. Luvandpower

    It started out as a joke.

    Congratz! The experience gains is overwhelming talking about domination

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