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  1. Username: APP Adrian Hey guys, I will be selling team capes for only 2.9k ea in old school Runescape (OSRS) I will get any team cape in the wild for you Just reply to this thread If you buy 100 ill sell for 100k If you buy 200 ill sell for 150k I usually do my business deals at Edgevill world 2 Reply to this thread and Add my username if you are interested! Username: APP Adrian
  2. APPAdriean

    Are men with long hair mentally unstable?

    Yeah that's what I meant lol. Does having long hair make one more mentally unstable/depressed then having a manly hairstyle. Someone please find research about this topic =D.
  3. Are men with long hair more mentally unstable then real men with short hair?
  4. APPAdriean

    Ring of Life stories

    Nice, I yet to have a story my self lol. I hope it never happens to me that I have to use my ring =D.
  5. I was just curious if you guys have any stories about being saved by your Ring of Life.
  6. APPAdriean

    It's been 8 years since I've had a main.

    Should I make a new account for the main? Cause I have a feeling they may bring back pures in the near future =D.
  7. APPAdriean

    How much exp is 99 wcing?

    Oh, I never knew that option existed lol. Thanks I'm at 1.7 mill, 11.3 mill left to go. Approximately, How long will this take with a d hatchet and 78 wcing?
  8. APPAdriean

    How much exp is 99 wcing?

    Title says it all. How much exp is 99 wcing.
  9. The title says it all. I've been playing since 2006 and I've made my first acc/main when I was around the age of 10. Ever since my I've forgotten my account password, I've been creating multiple pures and skillers over the years. I was wondering if I should make a main and start from scratch like the majority of rs players. By starting by scratch I mean doing all the quests in the game and leveling all my skills. Should I make a main?
  10. I would like to update this thread. I have gotten mems and have been wcing and training up since. Money well spend =D
  11. Hey guys, gonna get mems tommorow. I can't wait!
  12. APPAdriean

    Banned for goldfarming!?

    Who's this guy and where can i read his blog? I don't really remember who he was, I just remember he was on Zybez. I wasn't reading this super recently, but it might have been in 2012/2013. aww fair enough =P. I guess I'll waste more time on RS =D.
  13. APPAdriean

    Banned for goldfarming!?

    Who's this guy and where can i read his blog?
  14. Hey guys, I've been playing rs since 2006. My acc name is the same as my user my stats are cb lvl 48 27 attack 20 str 1 defence 1 range 7 prayer 45 magic 11 rune crafting 5 construction 13 dungeoneering 36 hp 4 mining and 72 wcing everything else is 1 or around there I like pking and socializing and wcing. So what should I do once I get mems and this is my first time getting mems

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