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    Former RuneScape player from 2007-2011. I played almost every day for eight hours on average. Although quitting helped me to "get a life" I am still glad that I spent that time on RS. I am really disappointed in how the game has ended up, though... they took good things away and added way too much stuff now. I won't ever forget this game though, the funnest moments of my life were on it and I still feel it has the best ever community for a game. It was so easy to make friends on RS compared to any other game.
    Former usernames were Crimson Ds and Part. I also played a lot on FunOrb with another account, usernames were Crimson Dsi, AC13OSPECTRE, and L Luv Nicole. Mainly played Kickabout but also Arcanists of course.

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  1. Part

    Your favorite era in RS history

    2011, when I last played for real. There was a good amount of stuff to do without going overboard and the graphics were just right. Before,there wasn't enough content, and after, they added too much. I really hope someday that they make 2011Scape.
  2. I'm an inactive player I played from 2007-2011 and I was just getting up to date on the game when I saw the Evolution of Combat update. IMO it looks like it totally ruined the game and makes me question whether I should start playing again. Every day for those 4 years, I played at least 4 hours a day and it was the greatest thing in my life the friends, fun, and not being bored. Seeing this update has made me more depressed than I have ever been and I just feel really bad that they did it. So should I play it again or just try and forget all the good memories I've had? Should I go back to RS 07?

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