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  1. iukozade


    paint.net is the best thing id imagine very simple to use and just as good as gimp. but if you were looking to eventually upgrade to Photo shop id go with gimp as it will allow you to get use to the complexity of things.
  2. iukozade

    Sarah's First 99: Construction!

    hey good luck. ill add you in game to check how your doing. GO You!
  3. iukozade

    Banned(Wrongly Accused)

    A similar thing happened to me at the earlier this month. Although mine was through a song download. Stated to jagex what had happened and well now im on a new account, and to be quite honest it's a bit more fun :D but good luck.
  4. iukozade

    Just got membership, what

    Definetly look into leveling mining like kaysie said or even venture over to Catherby and look how easy it is to fish now.
  5. iukozade

    99 Best Skill

    Congrats :) great 99 to have.
  6. iukozade

    The Deicide

    THE DEICIDE The killer of Gods **NO REQUIREMENTS** We are a new clan built buy friendly players that have been around for a long time All that we ask is that you are willing to have fun and will be active in clan chat We have a few events starting this weekend with fun giveaways happening very often Need help with a quest or a skill well 'The Deicide' is the place for you the knowledge base within the clan and willingness to help can only grow full of 99's and top class players. So If you wish to join or want to know more, contact me in game user: iukozade **Or comment below** p.s. This is a temp thread and will be updated over the weekend.

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