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  1. Crazy Insane

    Operation Extermination.

    ^downed by a rsc mod
  2. Crazy Insane

    Operation Extermination.

    chill out we aren't going to flame..you recruited 13 members in 2 days I think that's actually pretty impressive weather it's mass recruiting or not it doesn't matter you guys got the job done and we didn't.. anyways we were outnumbered by about 10 when it started and we kept it by 10 for a while but soon we were just overwhelmed I got piled when you guys had about 36 and was able to eat all my food good fight
  3. Crazy Insane

    3xtermination V. Seduction

    good job guys. good fight sed
  4. Crazy Insane

    Elite Order Vs Loh P2p Miniwar

    good job eo
  5. Crazy Insane

    3xtermination Vs. Elite Order

    good job guys well done
  6. Crazy Insane

    10 Vs 10 Triforce Vs Eclipse

    good job tri
  7. Crazy Insane

    Tfe Defeat God Hunters

    good job tfe
  8. Crazy Insane

    Kts Vs Fd

    good job kts
  9. Crazy Insane

    Relentless Vs Strongest Team

    good job relentless
  10. Crazy Insane

    Db Vs Bsk - P2p Mini

    good job db
  11. Crazy Insane

    Seduction Looking For Full Outs

    good luck finding wars. maybe we'll accept

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