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  1. Does reversing abortion laws give all non-white Americans a better socio-economic demographic position? Statistically, more non-whites are aborted than whites. Reverse this trend and the shrinking white demographic dominance goes into overdrive. White is demographically shooting itself in the foot. White power, at this point in time, is being quite generous to non-whites. One might see it all as a huge white restitution and reparations to all those non-whites we white predators stressed. Are white Americans who are on the right, aware of what they are giving up, demographically speaking? Should the non-white Americans be on the right wing side on this, just for the benefits of fast tracking their control? Regards DL
  2. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

    Insightful. The intolerant homophobes have indeed ostracized themselves into intolerant supremacist groups. That would include all the immoral right wing religions that do not see us all as equal in value. Regards DL
  3. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

    How dare they refuse to be subordinate!! Have they forgotten that men are stronger and win all arguments, even though with inquisitions or jihad tactics? Force and fit is how testosterone wins over estrogen and intelligence. The ancient Gnostic Jesus tried to show the apostles that they should see women as if Jesus had turned them into men. That was the lesson for all men, of course. As a universalist, Gnostic Jesus has to see all souls as equal, unlike the Roman Jesus who will bring an immoral Armageddon. Gnostic Christians have a strange view of equality. Before the law, no problem. In reality, a Gnostic man like me always puts women and children first. I get laughed at by those who see a man's duty to family and society as less. I don't care. Regards DL
  4. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

    Many and yes. Like here, no one is advocating the evils mentioned much anywhere. The moral cowards are cowards and staying away in shame, I hope. Regards DL
  5. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated?

    Have homophobia and misogyny been defeated? Laws that promote equality are the basic staple of most progressive elected governments these days. Those laws and the modernization, and civilizing of most religions, have helped reduce misogyny and homophobia as most recognize that those are negative discriminations without a just causes. I see almost no one advocating for homophobia or misogyny in any of the sites I frequent. Are we all getting more civilized? Or is shame keeping homophobes and the misogynous in hiding? Regards DL
  6. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    They have nothing to do with style, honesty and the ability to form arguments. It was how he disagreed, without showing why. Like a mental midget. Too long ago for me to worry about. If truth as I see it cannot be expressed here, here is not for me. Regards DL
  7. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    You don't know that for certain. Yes I do and my statement is irrefutable. You deny an obvious and provable statement. Find the error and show why you disagree. Denials without arguments are for the mental midgets. Let us grow. Regards DL
  8. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    I do not recall ever thinking that. The scientist who developed the God helmet posited that we would all loose our privacy and secrets if the technology was ever perfected. Trust that I have thought about how murders and other crimes could be solved if I could reproduce my telepathy on demand, but I cannot. If only ----- Regards DL
  9. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    Not really. Where have I written that? When was Jesus anointed to Christ? I have not read of such a thing. Just because the dogma and bible call Jesus the Christ does not mean it is a biblical truth. It is in fact a biblical lie, given that it never happened. Regards DL
  10. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    All our thought are. I do have a door open for a cosmic consciousness as I know that telepathy is real and that that may give us thoughts that are shared. I have no proof other than a victim to my telepathy to know it is real. Do not ask for proof as there is none. Regards DL
  11. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    You are going by physical reality. You should recognize and will know that we live in the best of all worlds, because it is the only possible world. If you see it rightly, as the only possible world, given our history, entropy and the anthropic principle, then you should see reality as the best and thus perfect at any given point in time. Those who wrote of building a more perfect country likely recognized their initial best/perfection. Regards DL
  12. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    No. I would amend to only where there is a mental problem that overrides our instincts. Our selfish gene is our survival gene and cannot be ignored. It is what makes us good to each other as we default to cooperation. If defective in some as you think, then they default to competition and that is the evil part of the duality of evolution. Like Yin and Yang, cooperation and competition, compliment each other and produce our fittest. Not always, is not natural or welcomed. Regards DL
  13. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    This is interesting. Every time you have competed for resources, as we all must do, analogically speaking, the loser to that competition will feel that evil befell him, as it did. Competition is the source of all human to human evil. Nice that we are mostly in cooperation mode as we naturally default to it as the best method of surviving and thriving. We may in fact be too nice to each other. Richard Dawkins-Discuss Altruism, Empathy - YouTube Regards DL
  14. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    Modern man is led by the same instincts and selfishness. I see little difference between the modern and the old except for psychobabble. There is no end game to such opinion based discussions. Regards DL
  15. Gnostic Christian Bishop

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    I enjoyed your reply. Desirable, perhaps. Remember that we live is a dualistic universe. Unobtainable; depends on our definitions of reality and other terms. Perfection is the best that is possible at a given point in time. Stop time right now and look around Sajoh. Is here and now not the best possible reality that we can enjoy, given entropy and the anthropic principle. IOW, given our past, this is the best possible end, as it is the only possible end. This usually ignored or unseen condition, perfection, is always here and now. Perhaps that is why Americans use the more perfect phrasing in their constitution. They were perhaps brighter in those days than the garbage we now elect. At both extremes I mean. The middle is great. A Gnostic Christian will see the perfection, or best that can be, and is never satisfied. To be satisfied would be idol worship. We are not the less bright and moral and that is why we have condemned Yahweh. All moral people will follow. Regards DL

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