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  1. I think part of the trick was walking there... then taking them somewhere away from it and then reentering from a different area? I can't remember clearly, but I remember it was MUCH easier to lure to wildy. It's also one of the most unbalanced things that could possibly exist. I was just running to the chaos tunnels the other day to kill some black demons for a task, and I was teleblocked, the old bind spell, and stunned nearly constantly. This was all from one person. You're unable to enter the chaos tunnels during combat now and since this person had the level 90 gear vs my level 70 gear I could not damage him at all while he was constantly pumping 2k+ which I was barely able to eat through. Ended up dying in level 3 wildy because that's as far as I could run with a full inventory of sharks. One person would not have been able to lock someone down so completely for 4 levels of the wild like that previously. Yeah, blame that on the new Jagex. The Jagex that made me create this thread.
  2. The warning has always been obnoxious (at least since Classic). To illustrate this, I took this picture of my character upon entering the wilderness. And as far as I know you can't even turn this warning off. Hmm, I apologize... maybe part of the trick was just "ignore the warning", but those walls are REALLY stupid you have to climb over. I guess in RS2 did it only warn you once or keep popping up? I just don't remember it being nearly as repetitive. It seemed easier to lure, unless my memory is off..
  3. I don't remember an annoying warning in RuneScape 2 going into the wilderness when I went in. I maybe remember a skull appearing at the top showing you're in the wilderness and if there was a warning it wasn't so invasive and definitely as disabling as the current one. Not from my memory anyways. Even so, now you have to climb over stuff to even enter. You used to be able to walk in. The PKing lovers died out when RuneScape got screwed over in the PVP and trade area. Trading and PVP both went hand-in-hand. Jagex double screwed the PK population.
  4. I suppose that's possible, but I feel like the constant warning is EXTREMELY annoying and would irritate any regular PKer. If you join the wilderness once and accept the warning, why continue to warn us EVERY time?
  5. I beg to differ, I feel like most people got lured into the wilderness and that made them understand the wilderness. It was a chain reaction sort of thing, you get owned and then it is time to own other people. Sure a FEW people rage quit, but screw 'em. Who needs ragers anyways?
  6. The wilderness just isn't the same with that horrific warning that makes you want to run away or turn back. Before you used to be able to lure people into the wilderness and it was fun. Someone would do it to you when you started, then you would go make your money back and do it to other new players. It was part of the gameplay. I never quit because I got lured, I just laughed and maybe cried for a couple seconds... but I made back and lured other players. It's a chain reaction type of thing. The lure of the zammy wine and closing the door to trap people in. The luring of people into the wilderness and so on. It was also fun to lure people into the knight castle in the wildy and trap them in while people team killed some people. There were and still are all sorts of fun tricks for the wilderness, but not NEARLY as many. Jagex has WRECKED pking.
  7. RS is empty, because Jagex sucks put simply. ;) Reference: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/362182-why-jagex-sucks/ This goes hand in hand with my theory or I guess observation that EVERY player I have run into so far has a "main" account and this is proof they're all veterans. RuneScape needs new players, not just all old players. They need to figure out how to grow the audience, not keep a couple pizza slices of their old populous. I know my observation isn't 100% spot on, but it is definitely the MAJORITY. This is likely why you see all the member worlds fuller (any vets that spent a good while on RS usually got membership). Do you really think some random f2per would throw their arms around and splash cash at the game in its current state without having the nostalgia feeling? If so, you may be correct but only VERY slightly so.
  8. The largest issue you're going to eventually run into with RuneScape is that it is becoming bloated. I remember when it would run with much lower requirements. The problem Jagex is currently facing is that they're restricted by the choice of the language they have chosen. You could easily have a point-and-click game that looks/feels more like World of Warcraft with the graphics if you got the right development team together. Imagine a point and click inside your browser without having just squares? HTML5 is somewhat a decent choice, but they're still totally out of luck. They are honestly better off implementing things into the browser via plugins that enable the game to run inside the browser, but utilizing a lower level language. Now you may be asking me... "WHAT IS A LOW LEVEL LANGUAGE?".. okay, so with programming there are low level languages and high level languages. If you can read the code and kind of understand it, you're dealing with a high level language pretty much. With a low level language, it works directly with the computer and as such it has much more control over the computer system, which in turn allows for the game to have better graphics and work better with the graphics card. HTML5 and Java just can't utilize the graphics card(s) as efficiently as a proper game engine could that utilizes C for example. I'm all for putting apps inside the web browser, but seriously. That may be reality in the next X years, but we're nowhere close to doing this in the next year or even two. Sure you have got a lot of web apps out there that kind of feel like desktop applications, but the key words there: "kind of", even with HTML5 you still deal with small silly little things. I'd like to note also that HTML5 when commonly discussed isn't talking about HTML5 all alone. We're talking about scripting languages also. Take a look at this for example... this is a REAL game engine: Now imagine this sort of stuff inside your web browser point and click style... RuneScape. Now I know you're all going to rage at me and say BLAH BLAH BLAH, well eat me like a cupcake.
  9. Yeah, that's a stick up the ahhhhhh.
  10. That's because your account magically had no recovery information attached, which I honestly don't understand. I think they required emails, but okay. Also, what method did they use to recover it then? That's not quite customer support if they couldn't attach the account to you, for all they know... they got social engineered and an old time player lost their account. ;)
  11. Jagex, you broke the skill system. I remember back in the day when it actually felt like I had to do things to make stuff. Now everything is automated and you've basically made bots for all the skills in your game after many years you banned these same bots that function much in the way your implemented auto-bot systems work. That logic Jagex? ;)
  12. The truth is delivered: Jagex doesn't make cool games anymore, they will only release a game if it is a money rake. :P
  13. Okay, so someone decided to complain about how old the customer support complaint was (rightfully so, it was 2008). Here you go then: http://www.complaint...gex-a27944.html These are a bit fresher and I am sure there are plenty of people that are mad at Jagex, but just don't go out and post about it. I have been screwed over by them and they won't give me my account back even after I know the old password. I spent over $200 total on the game for my membership and just to walk away with $0 and a wrongful ban. ;) Not a cool company in my opinion.
  14. Jagex support? Hahaahhaahah yeaaahhh... nope. http://support.proboards.com/thread/234032/jagex-customer-support-sucks
  15. Yay, my friend told me something like this and I believed him! Now we have a picture. Screw Jagex, lol.
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