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    Runescape - I am a BIG quester. I do about 5 a day at the moment. I am also into mining (lots of money).

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  1. Scooby-Did99

    Adamant/Mith Brutals needed!

    Soon I will be able to make you the mithril nails, just not yet. If you are OK with the wait, tell meh
  2. Scooby-Did99

    Anyone need: Gold Ore?

    :P Lol, if it doesn't sell I will. Don't care about the G.E buying it. Rather give it someone I like, sorted it with. If you know what I mean.
  3. Scooby-Did99

    When should I start cutting Yews

    If I were you, I wouldn't do any unless I'm fletching them. I'd do Ivys. (Have a lucky rabbit foot)
  4. Scooby-Did99

    What Armor is This??

    My guess, trimmed rune armour. Might not be, could be from a quest. Or saradomin rune armour. That might exist its come into my head.
  5. Scooby-Did99

    Magic Notepaper

    Magic Notepaper: When used on an item it becomes Noted. Remember that some items don't work!
  6. Herro, my Runescape Account is getting better and better (slower and slower) and I have got to a point where I don't know what armour I should wear. Skills: Defence: 40 Attack: 34 Strength: 32 Thanks!
  7. Scooby-Did99

    Quick way to train mining?

  8. Scooby-Did99

    Anyone need: Gold Ore?

    Hello, I am most likely mining GOLD ORE as you read this. Please reply how much you want and for how much. Thanks =D
  9. Scooby-Did99

    Quick way to train mining?

    What level do you need for Granite?
  10. Scooby-Did99

    Quick way to train mining?

    Hello, I have been following training guides for quick mining for a while now. It has got to the point where I don't have enough money to do it as quick as the people I am following. For example I don't have summoning for a War Tortoise, not enough money for a dragon pickaxe and more. Does anyone have quick level 1 - 99 Guide? Thanks!

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