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  1. liamx123

    Has my character been deleted?

    thanks man, ill add you on it. Yeah its really confusing me atm i just feel stupid haha
  2. liamx123

    Has my character been deleted?

    never mind sorted mate, what happened was that i forgot that my in game display name and my USERNAME are different, and for some reason ym email address has two accounts liked to it. So when i tried signing in with my correct email it would take me into my other character, but when i eventually remembered my original username i could recover my password and regain access. wow everything has changed. I feel like a complete newby 45million exp and i barely know how to move around ...ughhh. 75m*
  3. liamx123

    Has my character been deleted?

    well when i log into that account he was on, the name is different. no longer x-jilson-x is like its a different character at level 1. Like my character has been transferred to a different email address and password. The game wanted me to change my characters appearance and style when i logged on. and the account has no purchase history what so ever or any history of playing the game at all. In fact when i logged in i needed to confirm my email address and i got an email saying welcome to runescape...as if ive never played?
  4. Hey all, i havent played runescape since the evolution of combat update first came into play a few years back. Today i decided i would try the game out again see whats changed. When i logged into my account my character had completely gone, as if it had been deleted. It asked me to create my character from scratch. My old character had x4 99 skills in combat and over 60m in gold. Surely jagex would not delete it? When i logged in my character had a different name i dont remember creating. I have proof of payment of subscription for the character with the name X-Jilson-X which was my character. I hacve sent 2 tickets + an email to Jagex today. I found him on the runescape website and his overall exp is about 8m which sounds about right i suppose but he doesnt appear on any highscores even though he had x4 99, and i think like 94 fishing...cant remember. Any ideas on what happened to him? Any response is very appreciated. Thanks, Liam.

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