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  1. Looking for an old school Pure clan environment? Want to pk daily and leave stress out of it? Want a lay back community of mature players like you? Join Ascent. 25-30 cb clan, low lvl reqs, pk daily and focusing on the fun in RS rather than the bull. clan-ascent.net

  2. clanascent

    † Ascent † Pure Clan (xLPC)

    Table of Contents: I. Introduction II. Our Vision III. Why Ascent? IV. How to Join/Clan Info V. Media VI. Conclusion l. Introduction ll. Our Vision lll. Why Ascent? lV. How to join and other Clan info/Requirements V. Media Videos V. Media Pictures Vl. Conclusion
  3. clanascent

    How to shmoney by yours truly

    I went up in random classes to promote the Bobby Shmurda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CbufhW8-BY
  4. of this guys videos? http://www.youtube....iGlO_kQ&index=1
  5. http://youtu.be/sbhiCfNaZF0 WARNING This is some ghetto rap don't come listenin if ur easily offended
  6. clanascent

    †Ascents † Saturday FT HZ, Z, EOP, CP

    omg every weekend the pictures are a problem. We have a video though, that we always have.
  7. BV asked Ascent for a 15v15 fight to which we gladly accepted. First fight was good. Second fight turned into a fun cluster involving Hate I believe? Thanks for fights.
  8. Peaked at 37. Maintained 35 throughout most of trip. Crashed every second. Gf all clans. Had 3x attempted fights with Zenith. All crashed in under 30 seconds. Fought CP at Bandits with Zenith. Johns: If you do GFX, hit us up we need them. Zenith for coming out today and giving us fights Roast Beef Stew Cigars 1 month sober for Beau The baby makin music on dat vid
  9. We set out with Knights on this wonderful saturday peaking at 40 over our entire 3 hour trip. Fighting everyone and anyone. Started our trip off with a Pkri vs Hazard Altar. Battling it out for a few seconds before Zenith rushed in. We continued fighting both clans and then EoP rushed and CP quickly followed after that to clear Z and EoP while Ascent continued to clear Hazard. We grabbed our loot and left with 25 before Fatality rushed. Thanks for the fight everyone! Round 2! This one was at maze. Defending north awaiting Hazards rush. After their rush we quickly got our scimitars out and pushed on top of them. Going back and forth and back and forth we finally started to clear up Hazard when The Green Gods of Fatality rushed in. Thanks for the fight Hz. Zenith and EoP were fighting at 32 hill so we decided to go give them some payback for the earlier crash. Rushing in from single strip we stayed to the south focusing on people inside of us. Soon after Corrupt Pures later came in and pushed everyone to single. Round 3 was once again at 38 Altar and this was a pretty good battle for a while. Hazards higher levels finally overwhelmed us in this matched opts fight. Thanks for the fight Hz, Good job. Brads: - Big shout out to Every Ascent member who has been training. - Hazard for the Fights - CP for the 2 Ac's - Fatality for picking on the lil guys again - Ascent members for taking 0 pictures

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