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  1. Kelly Ann

    Invention calculator v2.0

    Very nice skill guide :)
  2. Well well, i'm officially back :) Also it has been 2 years since I have been a member here (June 30th 2014) :D Anyways glad to be back :)

  3. How is everyone today? =)

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    2. Shooter585
    3. Kelly Ann

      Kelly Ann

      @Shebi3; - great =), Working mostly but money is money lolol =).

      @Sobend; Awww what happened if you don't mind me asking. You can always PM me if you want to talk x.

      @Shooter585; That is Grrrrr8 =) Coolio ;)

    4. Nitua


      Pretty ok, but missing some old friends.

  4. Kelly Ann

    #8 - Prayer

    Very nice =) congratulations =D
  5. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    I did say I wasnt a quester ;) I know, and that was why I asked my main question which you seemingly missed. I didn't quite understand it fully but I tried to answer the best I could haha. I do like funky colors haha and thanks =) PS I changed the colors lol
  6. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    I did say I wasnt a quester ;)
  7. Kelly Ann

    Skill Competition 104 - Thieving

    Well done =) Can't wait for next one haha
  8. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    Hey Thanks and I hope so too =) Thanks =) His name was Seather. I miss it tbh shame I didn't even take pictures as souvenirs =(
  9. Kelly Ann

    Choosing a laptop.

    Some reason I had more bad luck with Asus lol But maybe you will have better luck. =)
  10. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    Thanks and sure will =)
  11. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    Thanks =) Haha so do I ;)
  12. Kelly Ann

    Hello everyone =)

    Thank you =)
  13. I got 12/12 for the quiz =) I got my tiger and a title =)
  14. Kelly Ann

    [OSRS][UPDATED] Red Blade Hunters Community - Est. 2005

    Hey =) I wish you the best of luck with your clan =)
  15. Kelly Ann

    The British Elites Community Clan - Active Since 2004!

    I wish you best of luck with the clan & recruiting =)

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