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  1. Trust me, Natrue some of these people know they're stuff like Grenade for ex. and I quote, "If you're planning on making a long-term account, make sure it doesn't have any unwanted numbers in it like "you want to pick me" suggested. It's so unoriginal and you won't be happy with it when you get to a high level." but, I am not forcing anything. Take your time to find the perfect name for you.




  2. Hey everyone! I've come to help with your problems of figuring out names. First, the way I found mine was, I chose my favorite name and an animal and that was my name, but eventually I began to like bunnies so now my name is LucyBunny.

    To help you here are some tips for name making:


    •DO NOT use numbers and crazy things such as: Blu3_Dr4g0nz, Myst3ryM4dn3ss, and K1ll3r4000

    •DO regular names like: BlueDragons, MysteryMadness, and Killer4000. (It's better and less complicated for your friends to type.)

    •DO stuff you like and make it unique just like you.

    •DO NOT make it original like that killer4000000 thing, it's stupid and this is Runescape! Runescape is cool!!!




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