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  1. FrankDDougherty

    Money issues...

    Good for you. Just a simple advice: No matter how much money you earn, without proper budgeting, you'll still end up negative.
  2. FrankDDougherty

    If you were to redo part of your life...

    I would have taken my past relationship seriously so I wouldn't end up like this now.
  3. FrankDDougherty

    What's in a name?

    I come up with this because it is me. That is my simple explanation :D
  4. FrankDDougherty

    Power to the Player Poll Discussions

    I already casted my vote on the poll. Researching the Elder Gods is at 100% by now and Fansites won the Game News Source. I thought it would be the social media.
  5. Scams are everywhere; even on ads. I just hope this issue be treated (vaccinated like viruses) before bigger problems occur.
  6. FrankDDougherty

    6 years member of Sal's Forum

    I wish I could still be here in 6 years and beyond. I've been a member of runescape for just a week or two. I hope gaming here flows smoothly and issues be directed. fire wolf737 , Happy 6th Runescape Anniversary. P.S: Sorry for the late greetings.
  7. FrankDDougherty

    Anyone have insomnia?

    I am insomniac before too. These are the things I tried: 1.Take a warm bath 2.Drink milk 3.Shut all computers or cell phones or any gadgets two hours before sleeping 4.Read books (boring one) It's as good as sleeping pills to me. I don't know about the others.
  8. FrankDDougherty

    Secret Ambitions?

    I never told anybody about this before. But I always wanted to marry my ex.
  9. FrankDDougherty


    DARKNESS I can't breath when it is dark. I have to see some light even if it's just as tiny as a coin or something. There should have light so I can breath.
  10. FrankDDougherty

    Are you currently where you wanted to be, two years ago?

    I did not end up where I imagined and wanted to be two years ago. But I know for sure, I am where I should be now. This is my destiny.
  11. FrankDDougherty

    Finally did some quests....now where?

    Nice one! Just top all the games.
  12. FrankDDougherty

    Proudest in-game accomplishment?

    Good to hear all your in-game accomplishments. Mine? I couldn't pile it in a list not because I got so many accomplishments but because I got none. I didn't top in any game. I just finished DayZ and loves playing all day.
  13. FrankDDougherty

    Need name ideas!

    Fishy Uber Pixels. Just an opinion. But I also love FPix Uber. In the end, still up to you.
  14. FrankDDougherty

    What have you learned from Runescape?

    I've learned to be funny and to have fun on forums. Before, I just join forums to have my questions answered. Now, I know that it can be fun.
  15. FrankDDougherty


    Hello, I am new here. Maybe just a week after sign up. But don't worry, I'm not gonna test all your testings. I've been to forums already. Runescape is really funny with people like you. I don't know if I'm just a low-minded person or I just really enjoyed all those replies. I considered it funny.

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