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    Playing RuneScape, Clash of Clans, 8 Ball Pool, getting tattoos and Skydiving!

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  1. Anonxen

    Hey, Anonxen here!

    Thank you to all of you for the warm welcomes! Can't wait to get to know a lot of you!
  2. Anonxen

    Hey, Anonxen here!

    Hello fellow Scapers'! My name is Anonxen! I recently got back into RuneScape. I use to play in 07', so when I saw OSRS was coming out, I decided to hop on. I love it so far! I'm a very nice person, I'm easy to get along with and will be friends with just about anybody. In-game I just do what I feel like doing that day, recently it's been fishing and I'm enjoying it so far. When it comes to real life, I love getting tattoos (Currently have two, more to come soon!) and I love skydiving. I hope to get to meet some new friends here, and get to know a lot of you! Thank you! - Anonxen

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