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  1. Teamspeak Address: ts3.sasklan.com We are currently looking for active and dedicated Founders for Runescape! We are a long time clan that began in 2003 and have been playing multiple games together for many years. We are now looking for friendly players to join us in our Runescape branch! Hop in our Teamspeak and play with us, no need to join the clan. We are not looking for drama, it's just a game to escape our good/bad daily lives, survive long and prosper! So if you enjoy Runescape and want to be a founder for a new branch of a prestigious clan, check us out! We also play other games like BF4, DayZ, Star Citizen, Arma 3, etc.! PM me here or Virtusnoob in-game for more information about the clan! as a reminder - our clan stands 10+ years strong against hacking/glitching, and also item duping.

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