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  1. upam

    G.E. and Brimhaven

    @Egghebrecht This is by far he best answer. I have tried it and it works very well. Let me know if I can help you out sometime. @Shooter585 luv the idea of this.
  2. upam

    G.E. and Brimhaven

    In Old School RS, is there a way to instantly get to Port Sarim, Brimhaven and GE by purchasing something that can teleport? I am hoping that I can teleport to these places without having to level magic, level anything else or doing quests.
  3. My pc is Windows 7 and I would like to use a private proxy with username and password on Internet Explorer 11. Can someone give me directions for changing the username and password on IE so that the private proxy will work. My terminology is not perfect but I hope it's good enough to understand what I'm trying to do. Thanks
  4. upam

    F2P OSRS Agility

    If you are just starting off f2p at level 0 for agility, is it possible to raise agility to level 15 without having to buy membership?
  5. upam

    OSRS Quests

    Thank you so much. If I can return your kind favor, please let me know. You hit the answer dead on the nose. Just what I have been googling for.
  6. upam

    OSRS Quests

    Anymore suggestions anyone for f2p osrs, no requirements. I have google this but it's not easy to pinpoint f2p with no requirements.
  7. upam

    OSRS Quests

    For a noob, what would be the quickest and easiest F2P quests in OSRS with no requirements?
  8. upam

    Easier Test Questions

    I say a very simple captcha once. It gave a word and you click the picture for the word. For instance, the word dog, you would click the picture of a dog from the choices of other pictures.
  9. upam

    Mining and Agility

    Does a new rs member have a chance to get to the Gnome Stronghold? I have tried and tried but I always get eaten alive in White Wolf Mountain. Is there a better way to get to the Gnome Stronghold?
  10. upam

    Mining and Agility

    I am new and overwhelmed by osrs. What is the best way to get my mining skills up to 40 and my agility to 15? Any help will be appreciated.
  11. upam

    Wrong Section

    Hello guys. I am new here and like a noob I posted this thread in the wrong section: http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/364767-easier-test-questions/ I am so sorry. Could you move this thread to where it belongs in this section please: Forum & Site Feedback
  12. upam

    Easier Test Questions

    I didn't know lol, I'm was never in lumby long enough to see a green monster.
  13. upam

    Easier Test Questions

    I still don't know the answer to the name of the green monsters in Lumbridge. I am sure there is no newbie that knows either. I am simply suggesting that since noobs won't know these answers lets use logical questions instead for the registration questions such as whats 2+2 =, whats the name of our planet, how many months are in a year etc... Questions that everyone will know whether noobs or pro players. Guys, I really thank you for all your comments on this subject.
  14. upam

    Easier Test Questions

    It seemed that I was getting every question wrong. Even when it asked about the owner of RS, I knew it was Jaqex but I am afraid my spelling was wrong.
  15. upam

    F2P OSRS Forever?

    Once the F2P is enforced, will it be absolutely free or will players have to buy a bond in order to play for free?

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