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  1. http://rs-df.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=125688 Forums | 'True 2k8' Clanchat | @DivineForces | YouTube | #DF @ SeersIRC | Memberlist Fought Vitality, our GMT pals, today. Decided to do a no overheads for the first two rounds because of the low numbers where both sides took a round each. For the last round, we decided to do an overhead on round since Vit managed to get a few more numbers. We took this last round, resulting in a 2-1 win for us. Thanks for the fight Vitality, was fun. R1 R2 Vitality w0n R3 Misc
  2. Pengy

    Divine Forces vs Downfall

    Thanks for the fight Downfall!
  3. Forums | 'True 2k8' Clanchat | @DivineForces | YouTube | #DF @ SeersIRC | Memberlist Knowing that many other clans had plans to go out this Sunday, we massed up 80 of our finest men to go out into the wilderness and tear up some other clans. At first we hit up Violent Resolution transitioning through them like a knife through hot butter. Then Reign of Terror and Damage Incorporated decided to show up, so we had our fun with them too. After 10 hours of fighting we decided to call it a night, knowing that we had wreaked havoc upon anything in out path. Starting: Pictures (Sorry for the massive topic, we just owned so much last night. This isn't even all picture as well lmao):
  4. Pengy

    Divine Forces vs Vitality (CWA)

    Thanks for the fight Vit :]
  5. Pengy

    Hey.. big fan

    Hi True :)
  6. Pengy

    Listen to me my men

    We're all osrs
  7. http://rs-poison.com...ountless-times/ Video: THE approached us for a PvP fight this week. We accepted. Poison Starting: 90 opts THE Starting: 60~ opts Unfortunately, THE had a really bad pull today. But one of their officails said they still want to do it, props on fighting outnumbered THE. We piled and 1 hit a lot of their magers, making THE struggle early on. Ronin TRIED to crash our fight, but they really just need to take notes in all honesty. Because not once did we stop the fight, we actually piled them in the middle of it all. Back and forth, we'd pile THE, Ronin, THE, Ronin, which was a pretty good laugh seeing how bad Ronin are. They eventually returned in Addy and ended up having a really bad main pile. As for THE, they did a lot better than Ronin, they stuck it out for being outnumbered and kept fighting back. Towards the end, we took ending opts and Ronin tried to hide in THE's pile. After the fight was over, we rushed Ronin's joke of a pile and cleared them off the map while they ran around cluelessly. No hiding for you Ronin. Poison Ending: 25 people (Minus Elrond in our pile) THE Ending: 17 people (Minus all the Ronin hiding in that pic) Shout out to Echo of Silence for the Anti-crash! Pictures:
  8. Pengy

    Divine Forces vs Vitality

    Gj True and Crew
  9. www.rs-descent.com | #Descent @ SwiftIRC | Original Topic Latin Unit approached us for a 1 day prep fight, and with nothing to do today we gladly accepted their challenge. Pulling 31 people for the fight, from the getgo we were ready to make this fight a good one with a larger score margin from our battle last week. I think we definitely accomplished this with strong wins all 3 rounds. Round 1 Descent Starting: 25 (Dropped from 30) Latin Unit Starting: 23 Descent Ending: 25 Latin Unit Ending: 16 Round 2 Descent Starting: 26 (Dropped from 31) Latin Unit Starting: 24 Descent Ending: 25 Latin Unit Ending: 13 Round 3 Descent Starting: 25 (Dropped from 31) Latin Unit Starting: 24 Descent Ending: 25 Latin Unit Ending: 21 Shoutouts - Latin Unit for the clean fight - Descent members for showing up with only a 1 day prep - Matrix for making his big break in calling r3
  10. Before everyone begins to moan about EoC, Rs3, and whatnot, please try to refrain from that as this was a fairly large milestone in what is left of the rs3 p2p warring community. Now then. Currently, there is a rs3 p2p ladder called the allied warring league which hosts the majority of cwa competition. This war was for the #1 position in the community in the category of unrestricted fullout warring. Both clans pulled incredibly high for it being rs3 causing the fight to be intense, and a lot of fun. Round 1: Wicked Fury Starting: 54 Divine Resilience Starting: 43 Wicked Fury Ending: 37 Divine Resilience Ending: 0 Round 2: Wicked Fury Starting: 54 Divine Resilience Starting: 43 Wicked Fury Ending: 0 Divine Resilience Ending: 28 Round 3: Wicked Fury Starting: 54 Divine Resilience Starting: 48 Wicked Fury Ending: 37 Divine Resilience Ending: 0 Shoutouts: - Wicked Fury members and retireds for showing up - Divine Resilience for the clean and enjoyable fight
  11. Pengy

    Poison vs Synergy

    Thanks for the fight Synergy :)
  12. Pengy

    Descent vs. Whales

    We moved to 07 2 months ago :)

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