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  1. Not very far with 20k man, maybe full steel (15k GE) ATM. A thousand Runes of a few selections. Merch with it, it is possible with GE, just takes a little time is all. Just save it up and skill, if your F2P best bet is fishing Lobsters and Swordfish at Karajama (~200/400gp E) ATM GE. Don't spend it, it's simply not worth it. Save and skill right now
  2. Bonds were a great idea by JAGEX. I believe chances are they will be most popular in foreign countries where the RS Membership cards are not marketed in stores, and people don't really have Debit/Credit cards. 2M should be good for a month of membership (Equivalent to $10), not 2 weeks. That might also drive the gold prices up when attempting to buy gold, giving an unfair player advantage. It's about time they introduced a system similar to this one. Well done JAGEX, your finally coming around with updates players enjoy!
  3. In my opinion, Jagex should have just made it F2P with P2P on release day to begin with... Think of the masses who did not play RuneScape at all the time because of the game, but still had the inner passion want for the old game back. There would have been i would say, at least 50k more people online that day. Who the majority would have eventually bought membership anyway. There would even probably be a slightly bigger player base even today. Jagex has a bad rap when it comes to there marketing strategies, it's either excellent or self-destructive. There is no in-between with them.
  4. Dark Archer

    Introduction: Dark Archer

    Yeah, i wouldn't really call it playing though haha more like aimlessly infatuated. But yup, when i was in 5th grade! That's a really good idea, it would keep me even more active on the forums. You mean like a Goal topic with like check lists for example and i edit the post as i complete the tasks? Iv'e seen that on other forums, or is it something more intuitive you guys offer here? There is to much feedback to quote all of you guys to thank personally, so Thank You all for warm welcoming's and Thank You in advance to the members yet to welcome me. I greatly appreciate it!
  5. Wow! all these bosses i am reading that are new to RuneScape... They all got some pretty cool names i give yah that! i gotta Google Image them. Since i'm an OG BABY GANGSTA RS'er lol i'm gonna have to say KBD. Because the thought of a multiple story tall 3 headed fire breathing dragons that wants nothing more then to cook you up at the same moment of eating you, is kinda god damn scary!! Lol
  6. Eventually the greater majority of us will become retired RS Veterans, i don't think its a waste of time at all. But it's all in how you choose to look at it. You enjoyed what you did when you were doing it. So look at it like it was all a part of a hobby that you no longer do. Saying doing what you enjoyed in general is a waste of time when its all said and done, is like saying well i use to love playing school football but all the training and games was a waste of time because i no longer like it like i did for example. Sure there is no real benefit like other things... but don't think of what else you could have done, that is naive. We spend our entire lives wasting time and not doing what we should, don't narrow it down to one thing.
  7. Hello, I imagine this has either been suggested already or thought about and not implemented for whatever reason. But i was thinking how about adding a live communication chat box to the home page of the forums, so us members can instantly communicate back and forth with small talk or whatever. I see this forum template is powered by the same source other forums use that have a chat box implemented. The chat box could be used for necessary instant communication for game or forum related things, it would come in handy and be enjoyable i believe by many members!
  8. I believe Dungeoneering would be exactly how it is now, or was when it came out. But with less "new" RuneScape based related content to the skill. I wouldn't mind if they added Dungeoneering, but i would have a hard time coping if they added Summoning to OSRS, that would kill the Old School feel to OSRS. I think GE was a big mistake. Sure it has its benefits but like i said it just kills the Old School feel to it. I really enjoyed watching how the players ran the economy. Merching was one of my favorite RS pass times, i have really good patience so it was great for me! Over time i think Jagex is gonna add so much BS to OSRS the only thing left about it that's OSRS is the look and combat style of the game :-/ so far the polls of new content added hasn't been to severe and the majority of players vote "Yes" on them. I mean think about it, they have polls what? Every month! and many of them at that, watch in time Jagex will get more cushy and ruin OSRS as they have a reputation for doing so as we all know..
  9. So many updates for OSRS recently. I like that they implement a poll so they actually know what the players think before destroying the game with there fogged up mindset of what would be accepted. Jagex doesn't have a good run in with a lot of people by what they have done to the game. Sure, i get it that updates and adding content is cool... But they took it to the next level the majority of the time ruining there player base. They evolved RuneScape into a game that isn't even RS anymore. I don't think they should have added GE, yes it makes it easier to get what you need, you don't have to pay premium for vital items that should be cheap. But merching is what made RS! I loved watching how us players controlled the economy, everything about it was fantastic. I really hope they don't turn OSRS into a "new" OSRS overtime, but i am afraid they are going to. A few years from now i bet they will implement so much new stuff to OSRS the only classic thing about it will be the graphics and combat style. But only time will tell!
  10. Dark Archer

    What were you doing 10 years ago?

    In 2005 i was in 5th grade, the year i was first introduced to RuneScape by a fellow classmate who i was pretty good friends with at the time. Not so much anymore, just went our separate ways after graduating High School... But that year was the year of RuneScape hype in my general area, if you didn't play some RS you weren't cool lol. Not a day went by where you wouldn't hear something RuneScape related. First day i played i had no idea what i was doing, just the fascination of it and the social aspect had me. You know, when your young oblivious ignorant gaming was so tranquil. I could never beat any game! Of course as time went on the gears started turning and i could actually play RS. First day my friend gave me 30gp i felt the chills man! The chills! Haha i was so excited. First Rune weapon was a dagger.. Classic! Gotta start somewhere! Ahh, the good ol' days!
  11. Dark Archer

    Introduction: Dark Archer

    Thanks for the information and welcoming! I will now use Sal's Realm CC, that's pretty cool they have one. They have a ton of SUNY Colleges up here, iv'e done my rounds in the college search department don't get me wrong lol. But Decided to stick with joining the National Guard, been talking to a recruiter at the moment in Cairo, NY; getting the ball rolling!
  12. Dark Archer

    Introduction: Dark Archer

    Hello, My name is Tyler, i am 20 years old and live in New York (USA) I've pretty much ran the board with RuneScape. I started playing in 2005, it's been on and off ever since, but i always come back to playing eventually. I have played the game in every way, classic, rsps... But the OG RS is what has me. I am currently playing Oldschool.RuneScape, i started the 2007 server when it came out but barely played up until recently, where i am becoming a pretty dedicated player. it seems as time goes on, and always coming back for the natural passion of it i have, made me realize the appreciation i have for this game in general. Because of this, i have decided to infatuate the RuneScape related aspect of my life, by finally delving into forums. Hoping to meet some cool new RS'ers and expand my horizons basically. Outside of RuneScape, i live and work on a Dairy Farm milking Cows and doing general Farm labor in rural eastern New York. I have a passion for anything Outdoors, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking... You name it iv'e probably done it, or sure as hell would be down to do it! And of course, Gaming! I have PSN and XBL, so once you start getting to know me or whatever in the forums, send me a message and i will add you. Same goes for my RSN right now, i will eventually make it public once i get settled in and get around. Well thanks for reading this, looking forward to meeting you guys! Take it easy, -Dark Archer

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