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  1. Strey

    Would You Rather

    World Cup! Would you rather travel internationally or country-wide/locally for your job?
  2. Strey

    Would You Rather

    This is a little game I like to call Would You Rather... To play this game, it's simple. EXAMPLE: 1st post: Would you rather jump into a moving car or jump onto spikes? 2nd post: Jump into spikes.. Would you rather get hit my an airplane or eat dog poop? 3rd post: Hit by an airplane.. Would you rather.... Okay, get the point of the game? If not, well, good luck!! I'll start.. Would you rather get slammed in the face with a hammer or get your arm cut off by something?
  3. Strey

    Coffee or Tea?

    Which drink would you prefer to drink? Hot and/or cold. I prefer coffee, hot and/or cold. :)
  4. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Summoning make an appearance in Old School RuneScape.

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