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  1. PyroDexxRS

    Untrimmed Summoning Cape Ironman Series!

    Ahh thanks, I was unsure how to do that :) I try to only include the interesting things :) i.e - Treasure trail loot, rare drops, skill updates, quests, loot from x things, slay logs etc. :D I'm still improving on voice, tone and such, but I will master it eventually :) Thanks :)
  2. Hello, people of Sal's Realm :) I am just finishing up an Ironman series on YouTube, where I was working towards soloing every boss from scratch! ( Playlist: ) With finishing up with this one, I wanted my next series to be bigger and better! What are your opinions on getting 99 summoning as my first 99? The series will consist of a lot of different money making methods, as well as bossing, slayer and grinding :) Think this would be possible? As well, does it sound like something you'd like to watch? I'd like to hear your opinions and hope you will tune in :) Regards An episode from my current series :)

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