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  1. MickMuffin

    Midnight Revelry - Social Clan

    Hey guys! My friends and I are trying to rebuild our clan (Some things happened, it's all good now but we lost a lot of people to another clan). As I'm sure some of you know, recruiting for a new and small clan is very rough. I'm trying to get our name out there anywhere possible, and it'd be great if you clanless folk could stop by and chat, or even if you folks with clans could chat as well. Any help is appreciated, and it's a great opportunity to make friends. We're just a social clan, we don't specialize in anything specifically but we do help and support in almost anything. PvM, DG, quest help, practice bossing, anything you'd need help in, we're there. We're more than a clan, we're a family, and we'd love to make our family bigger. Here's the forum post for Midnight Revelry Thanks again guys! Happy 'scaping! See you in the cc (hopefully)!

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