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  1. Scarlet Dovah

    A Runescape Realm [Teamspeak3]

    A Runescape Realm A Runescape Realm is a fun, friendly Teamspeak 3 Server. It is highly regulated by server assistants and admins insuring you a safe and fun experience. Play other games as well? Great, so do we. Come join us for the ultimate Gaming experience! How to Connect: http://www.teamspeak...?page=downloads Make sure you download the client, not the server. After you hit connect, type in one of these server addresses: vs26.tserverhq.com:7437 runescaperealm.tserverhq.com Then type in your nickname and hit connect. After that you will be connected to the server. Once you are connected: Wait in one of the Public Chat Rooms and poke an admin/assistant to get registered. If one is not around, hang tight! Thank you and we hope to see you there! Scarlet Dovah A Runescape Realm Admin

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