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  1. So last week i made a new OSRS account since i was getting bored of RS3. I used my members account on RS3 for OSRS so i dont have to pay for membership again. Anyhow i thought i wanted to be a pker so i went along with it and started watching a few pking videos on Youtube and started training range. My stats are now 32 ATK 33STR 3DEF 50RNG 32MAGIC I accidently got 3 defence while starting off forgot to train combat style fml. But it only adds 0.5 to cmb so i dont really mind. So i was wondering whats the best thing to go from here? and what shall i use to pk atm? Magic shortbow and rune knifes? also ive seen allot of level 50s training with iron knives Why? why dont they use like mithril knives? Dont you hit higher with a higher weapon? And yeah so does anyone have any tips on what weapons and stats i should aim for and no i do not want to restart my account and pay for membership again just because of 3 defence. I really want to be a pker and have a good KO weapon with knives and im not sure what that KO weapon should be. Thanks
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