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  1. Got da 30 posts without spamming it all on 1 day. Thank you for not being too harsh on it. :3

    1. Lily Haaron

      Lily Haaron

      Wow. That took me like at least 16 months.

    2. Bwauder


      Check, but i thought it was dropped to 10, that may be only for the Clan HQ forum though.

  2. Sariva

    League Of Legends

    Lately been trying to play other roles like top and adc to get better with. I usually just play whatever is left cause people often argue over roles. I went to the NA LCS Finals. It was interesting experience. I didn't really have a certain team of winning in mind but I just wanted the winner to deserve it. CLG definitely deserved it, they played way better than TSM. Funny part was the salty TSM fans behind me just complaining about how they suck and to bench their players. This is why I'm not really a huge sports and or e-sports fan. Some people take it so seriously...
  3. I'm not really into making pures, but it was quite informative video about obby tanks. One slight critic, the last word you said before the video ended sounded almost cut off. I hear it but it was sort of fading out. Otherwise, good job!
  4. Sariva

    Fabio's adventures

    Nice :D Good drops and the hydrix! Good luck on your current and future goals :)
  5. Sariva

    Music Recommendations Thread

    I love Toto. I think they are a great band :) They are underrated but have much talent. Fun fact: Some of the members of Toto worked on the 'Thriller' album. This is one of my favorite songs of their new album. :D
  6. The high-level Ironman/woman content is exciting but yet risky for hardcore iron people. Then again, it is the risk they take. Good luck to them going for it! :)
  7. Sariva

    Hey stranger, come over here

    Where is this glorious motherland? Must be one of a kind glorious milk. Goats are love. Goats are life. P.S. I don't even know what I'm saying lol XD
  8. Sariva

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I haven't followed the election news in a while. My bad. Guess that means, I don't like any of the candidates so far, especially Donald Trump.
  9. Sariva

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    I agree as well. This presidential election is looking really grim. I don't really like any of the candidates besides Elizabeth Warren (some of her ideas are good) but I doubt she will win the election.
  10. I'm 50/50 on having sailing added. It wouldn't truly be 07 Runescape because this skill never existed back then. However, I can see some reason behind it, to have some other content in the game besides the original skills & etc.
  11. Sariva

    BTS Video | RuneLabs August

    I'm really excited about the Falador rework! :) #Hype
  12. Sariva

    Kam's grind to glory - Maxed Skilling

    Grats on 99 dungeoneering! :) Also, grats on those lvl 90+ skills. Don't worry you'll get comp eventually, no rush.
  13. Sariva

    Zorro gets an post apocalyptic reboot

    Yeah, I don't think they will change his outfit too much. Besides, it wouldn't make sense. That is what he is known for, his signature. It'll be interesting to see how they do Zorro in a post apocalyptic way.
  14. Sariva

    League Of Legends

    I got a B with Zyra in the mid lane. I think she's underrated as a mid laner. I like her, she can be very strong. :) P.S. Is anyone looking forward to the NA server move to Chicago? I am because this will help a lot of East Coast people playing league. Hopefully, this will stablize ping not just for the East Coast but for everyone as well! :D
  15. Sariva


    Hehe, that lvl 89 I mean lvl 90 constitution picture was interesting. Runescape Fail XD Good luck on the competition! :)

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