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  1. JaweriaSethi1970

    Any watermark software?

    If you specify what you want, I could create an action for you. No questions asked ;-) ;) It couldn't be better if you can advise. Please go ahead.
  2. JaweriaSethi1970

    Any watermark software?

    , it sounds like a useful tool, but there still something unclear to me. To mention you that I've tried the software, some functions are restricated. The tutorial is a good advice. Thanks anyway, You must be a PS expert, I hope I can be skilled just like you, but I'm not , I do create actions but it just doesn't work,,,,,,it won't work for me. I don't know why & I don't want to use it anymore.
  3. JaweriaSethi1970

    Any watermark software?

    Hey, guys, anyone here? Does anybody here ever use watermark software? If so, please advise. I hope to install a watermark software on my PC, not MAC OS, my PC uses Windows OS, so I guess Mac, Linux or other OS applications are not needed. I need to batch watermark my digital images, and I want my FB, TW photos carry my name on them. I saw my friends around all have done it. So no reason I want to do it on my photo. I want a software which could fast do it for me....I mean, quick watermark all my images, my friends finish the work for serveral days, so if I can do it in a few days, it'll be better to tell them about it.....LOL Above reasons can a joke for you, do not take it serious, bt I do need a software, which can help with batch watermark, can anyone help me find it? Thx anyway!

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