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  1. p2p pking and Im not well informed on how to pvp but im at 50 att and 45 strength now and trying to get the gmual for Ko weapon instead of using magic bow .
  2. What is the minimum level to start killing people I just recently was grinding and got my attack level up to 50.
  3. Well Idk what to do when I get there even.
  4. I've pked over 200 times and still haven't won one this sucks lol, everyone keeps my health down and im just forced to eat, also I dont exactly know what to do for my set or outfit. (Btw im quite new to runescape, played since 2008 but im still a noob)someone please help, my stats are 51 ranged, 42 attack, 40 strength, defense 40, prayer 26, combat 51. Thanks for the help in advanced.

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