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  1. 420 PKERS IS AN ACTIVE P2P PKING/WARRING CLAN. WE WERE CREATED OVER 7+ YEARS AGO BY OUR FOUNDER DCRANGER. 420 HAS A LONG HISTORY OF OWNAGE, BUT OUR FUTURE IS OUR FOCUS. Clan History 420 Pkers is currently one of the fastest growing, most active p2p PvP clans in Runescape. We consistently win wars and run-ins, and we go PvP as a clan almost every night. Although 420 has been reorganized several times, it has been a force to be reckoned with since long before Jagex stole the wild. The demise of the wilderness and the advent of minigames like Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars and the Free-For-All arenas nearly sucked all the life out of pking ... fortunately for us, Jagex relented somewhat and gave us entire worlds to PvP in. 420 is taking full advantage of that. Our founder, Dcranger, has been leading his clan into PvP wars and fights since he created 420 Pkers in 2004. Well-known in the clan community, he is adept at arranging wars and run-ins and he keeps his cool under pressure. His calm pile-calling and encouragement during fights has led us to victories even against impossible odds and against clans no one expects to beat. Our members follow him with a loyalty that comes from respect, and many members of the clan have been fighting by his side in 420 since it opened.
  2. Cool community give it a shot @ downfall-rs/forums
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