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  1. The End

    Tempest vs Revenant | CWA 3-0

    Thanks for the fight Rev!
  2. #jku on SwiftIRC | "Downfallfc" Clan Chat | www.downfall-rs.com/forum We set up a few day prep run in with The Rising and we were eager to fight them as they always offer a clean and competitive battle. Signups looked pretty good and we rolled up with 50 on TS to start with compared to TR's 39. The number difference was immediately apparent and our spam, ko power, binds were all on point. Snipers were off for the first 30 mins which allowed TR to evade our pressure to some degree. At the 30 minute mark we sent out snipers; however, unfortunately some sort of login glitch would leave around 7-8 of our members unable to login back into the fight world for the remainder of the battle. This coupled with TR gaining some numbers evened out the fight a bit and the last hour was action packed with a lot of pile clashing. At the 90 minute mark, the legend himself "dawg fidells" would tank TR's "last pile" spam for world record time allowing us to pick up 5 kills in the meantime. As we compared ending we emerged with a slight advantage and took home the victory. Downfall Starting: TR Starting: Pics: TR ending (41 on TS) Downfall ending (43 in war chan, 6 unable to log on (thanks jaggy)) Shoutouts: -TR for the clean fight -jagex for the **** servers -downfall members for turning out
  3. The End

    Downfall defeats Ronin

    Was a fun fight!
  4. The End

    Downfall 07 Warring Clan

    Highly recommended, best clan I've been in.

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