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  1. This post is not to spread hate about Jagex. It is my story of how I encountered one of the most frustrating ban systems in gaming history, and to bring attention to its flaws in hopes that Jagex will fix it (and hopefully unban me). From that description alone, I think that you guys wouldn't want to read this. Do please take your time, and discuss. My main Runescape account is "Haro Ng4", which is currently perma-banned for "Macroing Major". I will talk about that later. For now, a little bit of background information. Warning: wall of text incoming. 1193 words. Yes, I counted. Typed this up a month ago back in Hong Kong during my summer vacation back home. I'm now back in the US for my sophomore year of college, but I've already gathered all the evidence I need. I have been playing Runescape for quite a long time, over quite a large period of time, from when it became popular even to more recent days. I've been playing since Grade 3 around the 2005-2006 period. Back then, I was an idiot, and I accidentally created 3 accounts because I didn't know I had to check my email to verify it. From then on, I've been active for quite a few years on my main account, until I started losing interest around a year after dungeoneering came out. I started playing a bit more again just after Runescape 3. Here's a screenshot of when I last used the Runescape launcher. (I never used a browser since I started using the standalone launcher.) On July 12 (my birthday) of 2014, I acquired a new laptop for my overseas studies in the US, halfway around the world (I'm from Hong Kong, btw). On that day, I have uninstalled much bloatware, and have transferred the progress of some of my video games over, like Skyrim (and all the mods I've installed on it, which was a pain in the neck). Other online games I merely reinstalled, including the Runescape standalone launcher. Since then, until my arrival at the US, I've never opened that launcher. Once I settled into my new US college lifestyle, one day, while I was bored out of my mind, I decided to open up Runescape just for the heck of it. I wanted to go ahead and visit my gaming roots, grind some rune essences, maybe go dungeoneering for a bit, and generally just marvel at how much the game has improved over the years. That was on the 20th October 2014. I tried to log in, and it prompted me, saying that I was banned for being a "Macroing Major". Well, obviously, I was shocked. Appalled. Distressed. <insert other verbs that describe dismay or similar terms>. I immediately submitted an appeal, saying that I was innocent and that I have not played Runescape in months. Of course, I could not retrieve any images and screenshots of evidence, because the computer I last played Runescape on was halfway around the globe. No luck. Even now, I am still banned, except this time, my appeal has disappeared, along with the date when I submitted it. That brings me to the next question: why was I banned? "Macroing Major". Duh. Here's the thing: I have never used a macro prior to my ban. Heck, I didn't even know what a macro was, because it was irrelevant to my life. I'm very certain that the most "grindy" thing I've done in Runescape was chop down trees repeatedly around the Grand Exchange and mine Rune Essence; that's it. Another theory is that someone hacked into my account somehow and started botting. Heck, maybe it was just Jagex cleaning up their databases and banning anyone that were sort-of inactive, but let's not point fingers here. The most probable out of those is that someone hacked my account. So I changed my password. Skip to a couple of months later, at the beginning of December, just before my exams for my first semester of overseas tertiary education. I received this in my email. For the record, that password reset was not done by me. At all. This confirms that either: 1. Someone had access to my email, and changed the password of my Runescape account, or 2. That was merely a blunder by the Runescape systems. Either way, both my Runescape account and email account was compromised somehow, so I took action. So there we go. My account is currently safe, secure, and still banned. I wasn't the only victim. I've looked up the problems, and I've found many other people who were experiencing the same thing. Just Google "Runescape Macroing Major". I've also looked for other ways to actually get my appeal heard and my account unbanned. No luck. The "Account Help" section says that Jagex has abolished the appeal system for bans, and there is no way to get unbanned. In fact, I have compiled screenshots of that section for you all to read, right here: What it all says: "Oh, sorry, we can't unban you because of these reasons." What it all means: "Screw. You. We don't give a single flying f-." Here's the part I'd like to elaborate on. If so, then the staff would find that (if my ban was the fault of a hacker) the IP address login history of my account would be evidence enough that I was innocent. Some would be from Hong Kong (before 12th July 2014), some would be from the US (20th October 2014 and after), or more specifically, a certain liberal arts college in Pennsylvania (not going to disclose the name nor specific location; I value my safety). Either that, or their security systems never checked for IP, ever. Again, the support states that they "will not enter into debate about these type of bans on our forums, Twitter, Facebook or through any other method of communication", so it is still highly unlikely that this post would change the status of my account. Heck, they even said that evidence of any medium will not be accepted because they could have easily been manipulated. What I would like to say is that Jagex should refine their banning system, because whatever they are doing, it is upsetting a significant part of their playerbase. They say that they investigate carefully, and they are proving to be doing a very bad job at that. Players should also take action to secure their accounts, because botting is actually quite the problem in Runescape (hint: go to Grand Exchange and look for the people with the flashy text with broken links to websites). Again, the point of this post is not to spread hate about Jagex and Runescape. It is to bring attention to the problems in the system Jagex has implemented, encourage users to make sure their accounts do not encounter the same tragedy, and attempt to get my case heard, because my mind will never be at ease until my account, which I have toiled over, is unbanned. (If you can help me out, please do; notify the Jagex staff maybe, idk) Discuss if you wish to.

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