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  1. Laugh_And_Cry

    Iron Man 3

    I thought it was okay. Has a different feel to it then the others which is good. Sometimes change is good. Not as good as the first two but not too terrible. 4/5 stars
  2. Laugh_And_Cry

    Your 10 Most Played Songs

    1.. Breaking Out by The Protomen 2.. Hey! Hey! Alright by Kimura Kaela 3. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman 4. Teenage Riot by Sonic Youth 5. Dig for Fire by The Pixies 6. Goo by Sonic Youth 7. Hey Joni by Sonic Youth 8. Elephants by Warpaint 9. Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night by The Coup 10. Been Afraid by P.O.S.
  3. Laugh_And_Cry

    Your favorite Christmas songs

    A Holly Jolly Chistmas, O Holy Night. The best thing is being with the family.
  4. Laugh_And_Cry

    Your favorite books

    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is my favorite book.
  5. Laugh_And_Cry

    What are you currently reading?

    Right now i am playing The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. This book is my favorite too.
  6. Laugh_And_Cry

    Wow 8 years

    Thanks to the admin of this forum for this wonderful community.
  7. Laugh_And_Cry


    Today i also created account at this site.
  8. Laugh_And_Cry


    Welcome to Salmoneus Community.
  9. Laugh_And_Cry

    Happy Birthday, Mick Jagger!

    Happy birthday
  10. Laugh_And_Cry

    My re-introduction o.O

    Welcome Back.
  11. Laugh_And_Cry

    Is my avatar weird?

    Your avatar is ok but mine is better than yours :rofl:
  12. Laugh_And_Cry

    9 years

    Hello new here
  13. Laugh_And_Cry

    Hello everyone =)

    I am also new here in this community.

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