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  1. Hey, I was asked to enter the answer to a question. The question was 'What city do you start out in as a new player." I thought about it and chose to enter Burthrope, and had I thought harder, I actually would've entered Ashdale due to the latest content. The answer it accepted was Lumbrudge. This is actually out of date, and long gone are the days of new players starting in Lumbridge.
  2. Hi! Are you looking for a drama free place to hang out without a lot of stress and requirements? Want a clan that has casual events, friendly people, and an active clanchat? Do you want to be a part of a community that celebrates your achievements with you? Well look no further! Jamandy52 is the clan for you! We are a brand new clan looking to grow and we want you! Our only requirements are that if you are a member so you must VISIT [capping not required] our citadel! We have this requirement in place at our beginning so we can get an avatar quickly and easily to benefit everyone :) Our clan world is 70 and we are officially recruiting! We hold regular non mandatory events, and we hold regular competitions to promote skilling! All levels are welcome! =D Jamandy52 Clan! A home for skillers and social players! Join today! - 288-289-409-65695732

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