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  1. Recruiting for my clan RS Is Fun :) Come Visit us in RS3 :)

  2. Hi everyone, my name is H8rsGonaHate. I am the owner of the clan "RS Is Fun". Our clan is looking for friendly people who wish to work together to achieve our goals as a team. We're a skilling and PVM based clan. We have now had our clan for a couple weeks and are about to have an avatar in a couple days. We prefer players who have membership however if you are non member that is fine too. We welcome everyone into our group no matter what level of experience you have. Only requirements for joining our clan as a player who has membership is to cap at least once a week and let us know if you can't cap due to a real life situation. Life is always more important than a game. We at RS Is Fun wish you all the best in your search for a clan. Happy Gaming :) Feel free to come for a visit. We are usually mostly on during late afternoon Eastern USA time. (3-4PM Eastern) up until about 3AM Eastern :) Enjoy :D

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