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  1. Balayage95

    Men and women of Sal's (preferably women) I need your help

    I would get her makeup, if she's the type who loves makeup. She'll be super happy. If not, I would get her a cute bag. I wouldn't recommend watches because I feel like no one really wears them anymore.
  2. Balayage95

    Fashion tip #1727261 STOP WEARING BOOTCUTS

    I like your style
  3. Balayage95

    Something I've wanted for 10+ years

    Congrats! When will it be mine turn?
  4. Balayage95

    is growing up worth it

    I love being a grown up. Hated my childhood
  5. Balayage95

    Life is good

    I used to no life on RS so much but life is good now.
  6. Balayage95


    He loved it very much !
  7. Balayage95

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    I think it's weird and I'd prefer to not use gender neutral bathrooms, but they should build it for those who do want to use it as long as they still have bathrooms that seperate men and women
  8. Balayage95


    Haha I will be making it from scratch (:
  9. Balayage95

    Hello, everyone!

    Hi! I'm new as well. Do you still play?
  10. Balayage95


    So I'm planning to make shrimp fettuccine Alfredo for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Tomorrow I will be practicing how to make it. Hope it doesn't turn out to be crap
  11. Balayage95

    I screwed up my semester

    I'm starting the semester with academic probation, but I'm only taking one class to redeem myself. This time I'm really going to try hard. Thanks guys!
  12. Balayage95

    popping in

    Happy New Years. I personally can't wait to be done with 2016
  13. Balayage95

    Going on exchange to an American uni!

    Good luck in university!
  14. Balayage95

    I screwed up my semester

    Thanks guys! I'm starting school again next week. My problem however is time management. I want to be able to balance school, job, and leisure time.
  15. Balayage95

    Black or Blue Pens

    I prefer black. I find blue annoying.

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