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  1. So I have been a long time Runescape player, at the time of this incident I had just crossed the 5 year mark, and i have run into a problem. To start off, a little bit before the banning actually happened, i had gotten hacked and all of my bank cleared out ext ext, nothing really new there. I reported it to Jagex and they said that there was nothing they could do about it, which I understand. The thing that got me though, is that Jagex acknowledged the fact that my account was hacked and that a little bit later, banned me for macroing. Now I can understand there need to keep the game clean, but in my opinion, this is just the biggest slap to the face that I can get. Not only am I now the one who is getting punished, but the hackers that hacked me in the first place, have gotten off Scott free. If that wasnt bad enough, i look at my offences, and i have 5 offences for the same date and time, all lined up in a row with variable times ranging from permanent to a day or two. I would really like to know why this is and why i have the same offence on my account 5 times over. Also, i logged in several days later and noticed that all of the offences had been changed to the same time, permanent, why is that?? So basically, i am confused and frustrated. IO have never seen anything like this in my months of googling and trying to find someone in a similar situation but i cant find anything. So if someone has any insight or anything, that would be most appreciated. I also linked the picture of the offences below, just to show how confusing this all is. Thank you! http://imgur.com/IEWApPa Your account has the following offences recorded: Date Offence Evidence 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Bot Busting Moderate (ban) View 22-Sep-2015 Macroing Major (ban) View 22-Sep-2015Macroing Major (ban) View

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