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  1. Buddha

    As A First Resort...

    Nooo! My precious Quest Cape! Well by golly I'll go do that.. when... someone.. releases a guide! Yeah!
  2. Buddha

    Official Guitar Hero/rock Band Thread

    Here's my input.. Hard Difficulty Over 7.3m Career Score All tiers up to the 7th list 5 Starred All characters unlocked All songs bought All songs completed Not too bad eh?
  3. Buddha

    Land Of The Goblins

    Wait... I'm hearing something about falling? I didn't fall once.. hmm... Well... I got my quest cape back..
  4. Buddha

    Back To My Roots Quest

    Well there goes MY quest cape... off to level! Need 2 slayer, and 1 Wc level.. I hate you Jagex.
  5. Buddha

    Attack Of The Clones.

    Just white robes, a quest cape w/hood. And quest cape emotes.
  6. Im the one on the left, I believe
  7. Buddha

    Important Information

    See, this is probably what Jagex feared would happen if they told people about a virus. People would overreact, because we fear what we do not know. To be honest, it's fairly hard to pick up viruses if you keep your stuff straight, and dont go downloading stuff of dodgy sites.
  8. Buddha

    The Zmi Altar

    I haven't tried this, nor will I, Runecrafting is just something I dislike. I got what I needed for my quest cape and then I stopped. The end.
  9. Buddha

    Your Formal Wear

    Here's mine
  10. Buddha

    The Path Of Glouphrie

    Hmm.. *waits for quest guide*.. Hmm... Man this is gonna be a drag getting my cape back.
  11. Buddha

    The Path Of Glouphrie

    Oh no! Heh, We better watch out! They're dangerous! I'm almost shaking!
  12. Buddha

    The Path Of Glouphrie

    Ahh! I gotta get one more slayer level to do this.. looks like Im gonna be without a Quest Cape for a day or two. Maybe more.
  13. Buddha

    God Wars Dungeon

    Knowledge base says GodSword is as fast as a BattleAxe
  14. Buddha

    God Wars Dungeon

    Dont even THINK about GOING NEAR that place. You WILL die.
  15. Buddha

    God Wars Dungeon

    Thanks mate! It doesnt look that much different, but it IS noticable, is there a difference in the swing at all?

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