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    Angels of Perdition 130+

    Angels Of Perdition AOP is a loyal strong clan, that is determined to succeed at everything we do. From Skilling, PVP, and PVM 130+ Combat 2k+ Skill Total ************** PVP Regular clan Castle Wars, Clan Wars, and events based on spotlight. Clan Warbands PVM Raids, Vorago, Rots, Nex, GWd2, etc ************** Rules Three Warnings Respect clan mates, leaders No flaming, racist remarks, sexist remarks in hopes to insult any member. No begging for money, or items. No begging for rank, you must go through the rank system. Don't be too overly inappropriate. No clan hoppers One Warning Do not ask clan members to kill you in red portal to help with degradables, keep this between close friends. Keep all lending/money issues to close friends and PM, we want a safe clan with no risky trading. No fighting or Angry outbursts in clan chat or this may result in getting kicked, bring it to a higher rank and another chat if necessary. ************** Rank System Rank in AOP is achieved through regular attendance of events, capping at citadel, and recruiting. Gold Star Has recruited 2 people that meet clan requirements Attends 1 event a week Capped at citadel 4 times Has been in the clan 4 weeks Silver Star Has attended 6 events Capped at citadel 4 times Has been in the clan 4 weeks Red Star Has attended 4 events Capped at citadel 3 times Has been in the clan 3 weeks All lower ranks will receive a rank up when having capped, recruited, attended an event or been in the clan 1 week. When recruiting, clan reqs must be met to receive rank Events must be attended at least an hour ************** Other Here is a link to our official Runescape forum: QFC: 92-93-444-65857069 We have a discord server, ask for info in game. Feel free to guest or PM "Queenofpizza" or "Daddy Cookie" for Invite.

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