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  1. Hi, I am an old school player on Runescape back in 2004. I played for a couple of years and stopped. Recently i decided to start playing it again and boy I was stunned by the new graphics in runescape 2017. While following the tutorial for a couple of minutes, i thought to myself: What if I don't follow the tutorial at all? Will there be any hidden quests or anything that I can find? As my mother always told me," Seek knowledge, gain knowledge." On to the main subject, can we really disobey the laws in Runescape Tutorial? Yes/No. In your tutorial, you will be following Gudrick around learning how to fight, fish with bait, mine, smith, and the boss battle of Morwenna the Cruel. All the way to the moment he asks you to leave Ashdale. So, at which point did I choose to explore my own surroundings? Every single opportunity since Gudrick asked me to follow him. Unfortunately, the first few motions were forced. It was only at the point when Gudrick bids farewell and then the options pop up. "I'm ready to leave!" "How did you lose your hand?", "There's something I would like to ask first." and I forgot the last one. My cursor clicked away from the surrounding and alas! I was free to explore.. A little screenshot about the extra goodies that I got from all my 2 hours in Ashdale. Side Note: Mining lv-12 Smithing lv- 9 i think. Can't check. Next post will be about how i got the uncut emerald and fishing bait as well as the Morwenna's headdress. 0

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