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  1. The Evil Bunny

    Copper Armor

    I award you with an imaginary gold medal which has been covered in bronze and then covered in copper
  2. The Evil Bunny

    >faking in 2017

    I might have to try a little harder to get the email back. So I can delete all my posts. I made the mistake of reading my posts from 2009 when I was 12 years old... What the fudge Sup guitarguy you still play RS?
  3. The Evil Bunny

    >faking in 2017

    Yo how's it going man I'd recognise that profile picture anywhere. My old account is linked to an ancient email so I I don't think I can get on it but it doesn't matter. Just sending out this message in a bottle.
  4. The Evil Bunny

    >faking in 2017

    Hey guys. I used to go by The Evil Bunny/Top Hat/Flatypus. Been a while since anybody made a Runescape Screenshot Fake lol I was just thinking of Sal's and the little community we had going here, and was wondering if any of you are still out there creating things. I made machinima shorts for a few years after Sal's. I'm graduating university now and going into the film industry to make some real movies. But I picked up CSGO editing a few months ago, which is a little bit like faking. So if any of you see this, I hope you are doing well. It's kind of sad how this place died but if you guys hadn't been around to make it so fun, I might not be doing what I'm doing now. The amount of nostalgia I'm getting is sickening so I'm out lol peace.

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