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  1. Zorzagar

    Two Sara Hilts in 3 kills.

    LUCK LUCK LUCK What a lovely birthday present :)
  2. Zorzagar

    Two Sara Hilts in 3 kills.

    Thanks a lot mate. Out if all the GWD bosses it's the one I have done the least, maybe around 3-4 trips Max during all of my RS career. I've done 100 trips + of the other three bosses but from now on I might do more Sara as it's actually one of the easier kills in terms of DPS taken from the boss. I have only been logging in for daily death task recently and that trip was my first assignment of Commander Zilyana from death. I even thought of skipping the task!!! Glad I didn't
  3. Zorzagar

    200 million wolves.

    Congrats! Must have been a real pain getting all those charms!
  4. Zorzagar

    Two Sara Hilts in 3 kills.

    I almost had a heart attack. What are the chances!!!

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