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  1. My statsCombat 4540 attack60 strength60 range1 defense25 magic50 hpOr should I train some more to what levels in each stat?
  2. My stats Combat 46 40 attack 60 strength 65 range 1 defense 53 hp 1pray 26 magic
  3. I practice the range 2h technique on guards. Have fun!
  4. Hello, CoolMenuce here. I got my first ever pk kill. This is part 2. Have fun.
  5. CoolMenuce

    CoolMenuce Is Oldschool Pking

    I saw a good video on it, I really like the xp drop technique
  6. CoolMenuce

    CoolMenuce Is Oldschool Pking

    Thanks, I knew I was missing something before I went in there. I will look a video up on that
  7. Check Out the photo for my stats. I started off training magic to 25 Then range to 20 Then I got 40 range Then I did vampire slayer and waterfall quest trained more and got 40 attack 40 strength Then I got 60 strength. I don't know if I should raise strength to 70 or 80 and leave range at 44 or raise it to 50 then pk. Or just keep strength at 60 and train range to 60. Any Ideas? I'm going for f2p. But I use members to train

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