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  1. sblaze

    FC - Fishinghub1

    Fishinghub1 FC Welcome to the new and improved Fishing Hub FC After the sudden closer of the old Fishing Hub FC its main members have quickly resurrected it. I can only apologise to what happened with the old FC but the fishing hub fc is back. We are a friendly social FC, we give calls for Deepsea Hub events like the travelling merchant as well as the other group events. All are welcome to join and please feel free to call events and help out with merch/event hunting. As a community we will be looking at doing other fishing related activities such as Fishing Trawler. Come join us and take part in the growing community. Friends Chat channel - Fishinghub1 We also have a discord channel that your welcome to join us - https://discord.gg/k3Kzxq Please spread the word of the FC

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