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  1. Avril K

    Best Place For Sharks

    I really enjoy fishing sharks by the elf camp in Tirannwn. The bank chest is RIGHT THERE so pretty easy to fish there. I'm not sure if you need to have Tirannwn tasks completed to some level though.
  2. Always the ones that make me laugh. I did the one recently with the cabbages and going behind the scenes and I died laughing most of the way through it. Also, I've always been a fan of the mourner quest series. Slightly off-topic, but while I hated the quest Broken Home (so much hate for that quest), I give Jagex some serious props for its execution--except for the demon, which was a little cheesy, the quest was sufficiently creepy if you had the sound turned on, and I was on pins and needles through the thing. Very horror-esque.

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