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  1. DonAlSmokey

    Ninja Week - 17/09

    I'm not all that happy with the bug of feeding a special animal nothing but 1 food for a prolong time that sped up growth, limiting the raw resources and different polynation combations you could come up with.
  2. I can only play so often, and with the frequency of updates each month it's hard to stay on top of all the skilling you need to do to meet high end level requirements, especially on a hardcore ironman. Things like ports, which you always make sure to do daily, really fly by when you're logging in to check on the week's update.
  3. DonAlSmokey

    Time or money

    is that feeling you get when you hit the dab an illusion? Because that's what it's worthwhile for.
  4. DonAlSmokey

    Quest Point Shop

    Some way of decreasing the price of items in high level shops, or increasing the quantity of items in stock would be a cool update to see added.
  5. DonAlSmokey

    trade shark promotional items

    Try looking around the offical runescape forum for a friends chat that post about updates among their members and who has or is looking to trade certain items for others.
  6. I messaged you an old one I know of.
  7. DonAlSmokey

    Pet and Animal Thread

    Sometimes in periods of war, wounded rescue dogs need to be put on ships and sailed back home. What do they do if the dog is terrified of water?
  8. DonAlSmokey

    Zybez forums closing

    The trading post that cleared up the community's congolmorates in areas like varrock west bank's front yard was linked to their site. I wonder if anyone has the same account that they still play on that was linked to zybez's trading database.
  9. DonAlSmokey


    Not to interupt, but if you had just 2 weeks to study wouldn't that allow for some father-daughter bonding?
  10. DonAlSmokey

    Nostalgia thread

  11. Temple trekking used to be the fastest way to obtain silver bars, but now with the entry level gems update and the mining and smithing rework, silver ore may not be as balanced as it used to be.
  12. DonAlSmokey

    This may be the last post I ever make here

    One day when you feel like checking back in the only people that will be here are robots. They are kind I do imagine and will take you in as one of their own and treat you with respect and dignity.
  13. DonAlSmokey

    Finally got Max F2P Comb at

    You're only limiting yourself.
  14. DonAlSmokey

    What was your favorite RuneScape quest?

    Lunar diplomacy really gets you thinking. There's also a cool way for ironman to obtain payments for fruit trees by collecting apples from barrels aboard the haunted pirate ship.
  15. DonAlSmokey

    120 Divination

    Gz. On the arc without boosts like guthixin cache or the hall of memories, i average 2200 chimes per/hour. Every about 17 hours is worth 1 Large Xp Lamp.

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