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  1. Sageworth

    Doric's tasks help

    Actually, I'm both a returning player and a new player. I'm trying to learn RS3. As I understand you, have an iron full helm and 2 iron bars in my inventory (backpack). Click on the anvil and the interface will show up to make a +1. Is that correct?
  2. Sageworth

    Doric's tasks help

    I'm doing Doric's tasks, or attempting to. I need an iron full helm +1. I can make the helm, but I can't figure out how to make it +1. The RS Wiki says, "Add two iron bars to the iron full helm." That's all it says. Things I have already tried: 1..."Use" iron bar on iron full helm. Results: Nothing happens. Repeated this step twice with different iron bars. Same results. 2..."Use" iron full helm on anvil. Results: Makes another iron full helm, but not +1. Repeated a second time and resulted in another iron full helm. None of them are upgraded to +1. 3..."Use" iron full helm on furnace. Results: Makes another iron full helm, but not +1. Repeated this step with original helm with same results. Repeated with second helm made with same results. I world hopped several times and asked at GE and the Lumbridge bank chest. No one seems to know. I asked my friends on the Friends List. They don't know either. I'm so frustrated, I'm considering not doing the tasks. Can someone clue me in on how to do this?
  3. Sageworth

    Banned 5 times in the same day for the same offence?

    Have you changed your password, yet? Did you check your antivirus to see if you have a keylogger attached to your account or if a trojan got in before you changed your password? If you found something like that, take a screenshot of the report and submit it to Runescape. Otherwise, they will assume that you are the perpetrator or you were careless with your password.

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